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Package accept provides functions for handling HTTP content negotiation headers.



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type Header []MediaRange

A Header represents a set of media ranges as sent in the Accept header of an HTTP request.

func ParseHeader

func ParseHeader(accept string) (Header, error)

ParseHeader parses an Accept header of an HTTP request. The media ranges are unsorted.

func (Header) Quality

func (h Header) Quality(contentType string, params map[string][]string) float32

Quality returns the quality of a content type based on the media ranges in h.

func (Header) String

func (h Header) String() string

String formats the media ranges in the format for an Accept header.

type MediaRange

type MediaRange struct {
	Range   string
	Quality float32
	Params  map[string][]string

A MediaRange represents a set of MIME types as sent in the Accept header of an HTTP request.

func (*MediaRange) Match

func (mr *MediaRange) Match(contentType string, params map[string][]string) bool

Match reports whether the range applies to a content type.

func (*MediaRange) String

func (mr *MediaRange) String() string

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