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Package btcaddress makes sure the Bitcoin address for the Ripple donations account on Keybase is up-to-date. This shows a default key if the system is not set up, or otherwise refreshes the address every 30 minutes (using redis to hold the cache). The wallet with the name "Ripple" will be used for getting the address.



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const AccountName = "Ripple"

AccountName is the name the account on coinbase must have to be considered as the actual account.

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const DefaultAddress = "1CKGzZqrVwKoXwHEWpTobWqqtkYuqoFNro"

DefaultAddress is the address used if the package is not set up to refresh from coinbase.


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var (
	Redis     *redis.Client
	APIKey    string
	APISecret string

Configuration variables.


func Get

func Get() string

Get retrieves the Bitcoin address, using the following methods:

First the address is requested from Redis, and if the key is available from redis then that is used.

After that, the key is requested from coinbase, and the account ID is found if not already saved in Redis.


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