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Package grpclistener implements the support for incoming gRPCs.



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type Listener

type Listener struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Listener represents the Coconut gRPC Server listener.

func New

func New(cfg *config.Config, inCh chan<- *commands.CommandRequest, id uint64, l *logger.Logger, addr string,
) (*Listener, error)

New creates new instance of a grpclistener using provided config and listening on specified address.

func (*Listener) BlindSignAttributes

func (l *Listener) BlindSignAttributes(ctx context.Context, req *commands.BlindSignRequest) (*commands.BlindSignResponse, error)

BlindSignAttributes resolves the BlindSignRequest to issue a blind credential on a set of private and optional public attributes. nolint: lll

func (*Listener) BlindVerifyCredentials

func (l *Listener) BlindVerifyCredentials(ctx context.Context, req *commands.BlindVerifyRequest) (*commands.BlindVerifyResponse, error)

BlindVerifyCredentials resolves the BlindVerifyRequest to verify a blind credential on a set of private and optional public attributes. nolint: lll

func (*Listener) FinalizeStartup

func (l *Listener) FinalizeStartup()

FinalizeStartup is used when the server is a provider. It indicates it has aggregated required number of verification keys and hence can verify received credentials.

func (*Listener) GetVerificationKey

GetVerificationKey resolves the VerificationKeyRequest to return server's public coconut verification key. nolint: lll

func (*Listener) Halt

func (l *Listener) Halt()

Halt gracefully stops the listener.

func (*Listener) RegisterAsIssuer

func (l *Listener) RegisterAsIssuer()

func (*Listener) RegisterAsProvider

func (l *Listener) RegisterAsProvider()

func (*Listener) SignAttributes

func (l *Listener) SignAttributes(ctx context.Context, req *commands.SignRequest) (*commands.SignResponse, error)

SignAttributes resolves the SignRequest to issue a credential on a set of public attributes.

func (*Listener) VerifyCredentials

func (l *Listener) VerifyCredentials(ctx context.Context, req *commands.VerifyRequest) (*commands.VerifyResponse, error)

VerifyCredentials resolves the VerifyRequest to verify a credential on a set of public attributes. nolint: lll

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