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Package utils provides auxiliary functions required by the Coconut Scheme.



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func GenerateLagrangianCoefficients

func GenerateLagrangianCoefficients(n int, p *Curve.BIG, xs []*Curve.BIG, x int) []*Curve.BIG

GenerateLagrangianCoefficients creates a slice of Lagragian Coefficients

func GenerateRandomBIGSlice

func GenerateRandomBIGSlice(p *Curve.BIG, rng *amcl.RAND, n int) []*Curve.BIG

GenerateRandomBIGSlice creates a slice of specified length with random BIGs.

func HashBytes

func HashBytes(sha int, b []byte) ([]byte, error)

HashBytes takes a bytes message and returns its SHA256/SHA384/SHA512 hash It is based on the amcl implementation: https://github.com/milagro-crypto/amcl/blob/master/version3/go/MPIN.go#L83

func HashBytesToBig

func HashBytesToBig(sha int, b []byte) (*Curve.BIG, error)

HashBytesToBig takes a bytes message and maps it to a BIG number It is based on the amcl implementation: https://github.com/milagro-crypto/amcl/blob/master/version3/go/MPIN.go#L707

func HashBytesToG1

func HashBytesToG1(sha int, b []byte) (*Curve.ECP, error)

HashBytesToG1 takes a bytes message and maps it to a point on G1 Curve Python implementation use SHA512, so temporarily hardcoding it here

func HashStringToBig

func HashStringToBig(sha int, m string) (*Curve.BIG, error)

HashStringToBig takes a string message and maps it to a BIG number

func HashStringToG1

func HashStringToG1(sha int, m string) (*Curve.ECP, error)

HashStringToG1 takes a string message and maps it to a point on G1 Curve

func LagrangeBasis

func LagrangeBasis(i int, o *Curve.BIG, xs []*Curve.BIG, x int) *Curve.BIG

LagrangeBasis generates the lagrange basis polynomial li(x), for a polynomial of degree t-1. Takes x values from xs and calculates the basis for point xs[i]. It is done around at x (usually 0). It's based on the original Python implementation: https://github.com/asonnino/coconut/blob/master/coconut/utils.py#L37.

func PolyEval

func PolyEval(coeff []*Curve.BIG, x *Curve.BIG, o *Curve.BIG) *Curve.BIG

PolyEval evaluates a polynomial defined by the slice of coefficient coeff at point x. All operations are performed mod o. It's based on the original Python implementation: https://github.com/asonnino/coconut/blob/master/coconut/utils.py#L33.

func ToCoconutString

func ToCoconutString(p Printable) string

ToCoconutString returns string representation of ECP or ECP2 object such that it is compatible with representation of Python implementation.


type Printable

type Printable interface {
	ToString() string

Printable is a wrapper for all objects that have ToString method. In particular Curve.ECP and Curve.ECP2.

func CombinePrintables

func CombinePrintables(p ...[]Printable) []Printable

CombinePrintables combines multiple slices of Printable into a single slice.

func ECP2SliceToPrintable

func ECP2SliceToPrintable(s []*Curve.ECP2) []Printable

ECP2SliceToPrintable converts slice of ECP2 to slice of Printable.

func ECPSliceToPrintable

func ECPSliceToPrintable(s []*Curve.ECP) []Printable

ECPSliceToPrintable converts slice of ECP to slice of Printable.

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