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Package config defines configuration used by Ethereum watcher.



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type Config

type Config struct {
	Watcher *Watcher
	Logging *Logging
	Debug   *Debug

Config is the top level Ethereum watcher configuration.

func LoadBinary

func LoadBinary(b []byte) (*Config, error)

LoadBinary loads, parses and validates the provided buffer b (as a config) and returns the Config.

func LoadFile

func LoadFile(f string) (*Config, error)

LoadFile loads, parses and validates the provided file and returns the Config.

type Debug

type Debug struct {
	// NumConfirmations defines number blocks we should wait before considering Ethereum to be final.
	NumConfirmations int64

Debug is the Ethereum watcher debug configuration.

type Logging

type Logging struct {
	// Disable disables logging entirely.
	Disable bool

	// File specifies the log file, if omitted stdout will be used.
	File string

	// Level specifies the log level.
	Level string

Logging is the Ethereum watcher logging configuration.

type Watcher

type Watcher struct {
	// KeyFile defines path to file containing ECDSA private key of the watcher.
	KeyFile string
	// EthereumNodeAddress defines address of the Ethereum node that the watcher is monitoring.
	EthereumNodeAddress string
	// TendermintNodeAddress defines address of the Tendermint node to which the watcher is sending notifications.
	TendermintNodeAddress string
	// NymContract defined address of the ERC20 token Nym contract. It is expected to be provided in hex format.
	NymContract ethcommon.Address
	// PipeAccount defines address of Ethereum account that pipes Nym ERC20 into Nym Tendermint coins.
	// It is expected to be provided in hex format.
	PipeAccount ethcommon.Address

Watcher is the main Ethereum watcher configuration.

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