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Package storage implements an interface to a goleveldb database.



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type Database

type Database struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Database represents all data required to interact with the storage.

func New

func New(name string, dir string) (*Database, error)

New returns new instance of a database.

func (*Database) Close

func (db *Database) Close()

Close closes the database connection. It should be called upon server shutdown.

func (*Database) FinalizeHeight

func (db *Database) FinalizeHeight(height int64)

FinalizeHeight increases the height of the latest processed block.

func (*Database) Get

func (db *Database) Get(key []byte) []byte

Get gets the value corresponding to particular key. Returns nil if it doesn't exist.

func (*Database) GetBlockCredentials

func (db *Database) GetBlockCredentials(height int64) []*commands.CredentialPair

GetBlockCredentials gets all blinded signatures for given block height.

func (*Database) GetCredential

func (db *Database) GetCredential(height int64, gammaB []byte) *commands.CredentialPair

GetCredential gets credential at given height that used particular gamma.

func (*Database) GetHighest

func (db *Database) GetHighest() int64

GetHighest obtains the height of the latest stored block. It's required on server restart.

func (*Database) Set

func (db *Database) Set(key []byte, value []byte)

Set sets particular key value pair.

func (*Database) StoreIssuedSignature

func (db *Database) StoreIssuedSignature(height int64, gammaB []byte, cred utils.IssuedSignature)

StoreIssuedSignature stores particular blinded signature using appropriate key. [CREDENTIAL_PREFIX || BLOCK_HEIGHT || GAMMA] --- [uint64ID || BLINDED_SIGNATURE]

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