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Published: Mar 30, 2024 License: GPL-3.0 Imports: 8 Imported by: 0


MOTD (message of the day)

This is a stub until a more sophisticated motd mechanism can be implemented in the future, with better platform integration.

Providers can opt-in to the motd feature (only riseup is using it at the moment).

If motd is enabled for a given provider, the client will attempt to fetch the motd.json file from a well-known URL, and will display the first valid message on the splash screen.

The structure of the motd.json file is like follows:

    "motd": [{
        "begin":    "01 Nov 21 00:00 -0700",
        "end":      "31 Jan 22 00:00 -0700",
        "type":     "daily",
        "platform": "all",
        "urgency":  "normal",
        "text": [
          { "lang": "en",
            "str": "This is a <a href=''>test!</a>"},
          { "lang": "es",
            "str": "Esto es una <a href=''>pruebita!</a>"}

Valid values are:

  • Begin, End are date strings, in the format: "01 Jan 21 00:00:00 -0700".
  • Type: "once" for a one-shot message, "daily" for a message that is displayed daily during the specified duration.
  • Platform: one of "windows", "osx", "snap", "linux", or "all".
  • Urgency: either "normal" or "critical".

The text message can contain links.

You can use the motd-cli tool in this folder to parse and validate the json:

go build
❯ ./motd-cli
file: motd-example.json
count: 1

Message 1 ✓
Type: daily ✓
Platform: all ✓
Urgency: normal ✓
Languages: 2 ✓

Use motd-cli -url to validate a remote file.

Notes: I'm considering adding an explicit layer of verification of the motd payload. Please comment on #554 if you have an opinion on this.


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