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type Country_Codes

type Country_Codes map[string]struct{}

type Details

type Details struct {
	Data struct {
		URL struct {
			Node struct {
				Offers []struct {
					Monetization_Type string `json:"monetizationType"`
					Presentation_Type string `json:"presentationType"`
					Standard_Web_URL  string `json:"standardWebURL"`

I am including `presentationType` to differentiate the different options, but the data seems to be incorrect in some cases. For example, JustWatch reports this as SD: fetchtv.com.au/movie/details/19285 when the site itself reports as HD.

type Lang_Tag

type Lang_Tag struct {
	Href      string // fullPath
	Href_Lang string // country

func (Lang_Tag) Country_Code

func (t Lang_Tag) Country_Code() string

func (Lang_Tag) Language

func (t Lang_Tag) Language() string

func (Lang_Tag) Variables

func (t Lang_Tag) Variables() Variables

type Offers

type Offers map[string]map[string]Country_Codes


func (Offers) Add

func (o Offers) Add(country_code string, detail *Details)

func (Offers) Stream

func (o Offers) Stream() Offers

func (Offers) Text

func (o Offers) Text() (string, error)

lets match Variables type

type URLs

type URLs struct {
	Href_Lang_Tags []Lang_Tag

func New_URLs

func New_URLs(ref string) (*URLs, error)

type Variables

type Variables struct {
	Country_Code string `json:"country"`
	Full_Path    string `json:"fullPath"`

func (Variables) Details

func (v Variables) Details() (*Details, error)

func (Variables) Text

func (v Variables) Text() (string, error)

cant use encoding.TextMarshaler because we are JSON marshalling this


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