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Watch runs a command each time any file in the current directory is written.


Watch cmd [args...]

Watch opens a new acme window named for the current directory with a suffix of /+watch. The window shows the execution of the given command. Each time any file in that directory is Put from within acme, Watch reexecutes the command and updates the window.

The command and arguments are joined by spaces and passed to rc(1) to be interpreted as a shell command line.

The command is printed at the top of the window, preceded by a "% " prompt. Changing that line changes the command run each time the window is updated. Adding other lines beginning with "% " will cause those commands to be run as well.

Executing Quit sends a SIGQUIT on systems that support that signal. (Go programs receiving that signal will dump goroutine stacks and exit.)

Executing Kill stops any commands being executed. On Unix it sends the commands a SIGINT, followed 100ms later by a SIGTERM, followed 100ms later by a SIGKILL. On other systems it sends os.Interrupt followed 100ms later by os.Kill

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