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Package docstore implements a JSON-based document store built on top of the Versioned Key-Value store and the Blob store.

Each document will get assigned a MongoDB like ObjectId:

<binary encoded uint32 (4 bytes) + 8 random bytes hex encoded >

The resulting id will have a length of 24 characters encoded as hex (12 raw bytes).

The JSON document will be stored directly inside the vkv entry.

docstore:<collection>:<id> => <flag (1 byte) + JSON blob>

Document will be automatically sorted by creation time thanks to the ID.

The raw JSON will be stored as is, but the API will add the _id and other special fields on the fly.



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var (
	PrefixIndexKeyFmt = "docstore-index:%s"
	IndexKeyFmt       = PrefixIndexKeyFmt + ":%s"
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var ErrDocNotFound = errors.New("document not found")
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var ErrPreconditionFailed = errors.New("precondition failed")
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var ErrSortIndexInvalidNameOrField = errors.New("sort index invalid (bad name or field)")
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var ErrSortIndexNotFound = errors.New("sort index not found")
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var ErrUnprocessableEntity = errors.New("unprocessable entity")

ErrUnprocessableEntity is returned when a document is faulty


func SetLuaGlobals

func SetLuaGlobals(L *lua.LState)


type DocStore

type DocStore struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

DocStore holds the docstore manager

func New

func New(logger log.Logger, conf *config.Config, kvStore store.KvStore, blobStore store.BlobStore, ft *filetree.FileTree) (*DocStore, error)

New initializes the `DocStoreExt`

func (*DocStore) Close

func (docstore *DocStore) Close() error

Close closes all the open DB files.

func (*DocStore) Collections

func (docstore *DocStore) Collections() ([]string, error)

Collections returns all the existing collections

func (*DocStore) Fetch

func (docstore *DocStore) Fetch(collection, sid string, res *map[string]interface{}, withSpecialFields bool, fetchPointers bool, version int64) (*id.ID, map[string]interface{}, error)

Fetch a single document into `res` and returns the `id.ID`

func (*DocStore) FetchVersions

func (docstore *DocStore) FetchVersions(collection, sid string, start int64, limit int, fetchPointers bool) ([]map[string]interface{}, map[string]interface{}, int64, error)

FetchVersions returns all verions/revisions for the given doc ID

func (*DocStore) GetSortIndex

func (dc *DocStore) GetSortIndex(col, name string) (Indexer, error)

GetSortIndex lazy-loads a sort index

func (*DocStore) GetSortIndexes

func (dc *DocStore) GetSortIndexes(col string) ([]Indexer, error)

func (*DocStore) IndexDoc

func (docstore *DocStore) IndexDoc(collection string, _id *id.ID, doc map[string]interface{}) error

func (*DocStore) Insert

func (docstore *DocStore) Insert(collection string, doc map[string]interface{}) (*id.ID, error)

Insert the given doc (`*map[string]interface{}` for now) in the given collection

func (*DocStore) IterCollection

func (docstore *DocStore) IterCollection(collection string, cb func(*id.ID, map[string]interface{}) error) error

func (*DocStore) LuaQuery

func (docstore *DocStore) LuaQuery(L *lua.LState, lfunc *lua.LFunction, collection string, cursor string, sortIndex string, limit int) ([]map[string]interface{}, map[string]interface{}, string, *executionStats, error)

LuaQuery performs a Lua query

func (*DocStore) LuaSetupSortIndex

func (dc *DocStore) LuaSetupSortIndex(col, name, field string) error

func (*DocStore) LuaTextSearch

func (docstore *DocStore) LuaTextSearch(L *lua.LState) int

func (*DocStore) Query

func (docstore *DocStore) Query(collection string, query *query, cursor string, limit int, asOf int64) ([]map[string]interface{}, map[string]interface{}, *executionStats, error)

Query performs a query

func (*DocStore) RebuildIndexes

func (docstore *DocStore) RebuildIndexes(collection string) error

func (*DocStore) Register

func (docstore *DocStore) Register(r *mux.Router, basicAuth func(http.Handler) http.Handler)

Register registers all the HTTP handlers for the extension

func (*DocStore) Remove

func (docstore *DocStore) Remove(collection, sid string) (*id.ID, error)

func (*DocStore) Update

func (docstore *DocStore) Update(collection, sid string, newDoc map[string]interface{}, ifMatch string) (*id.ID, error)

type IDIterator

type IDIterator interface {
	Iter(collection string, cursor string, desc bool, fetchLimit int, asOf int64) (ids []*id.ID, nextCursor string, err error)
	Name() string

IDIterator is the interface that wraps the Iter method

Iter allow to iterates over all the valid document IDs for a given asOf (as <= 0 means "as of now")

type Indexer

type Indexer interface {
	Index(id *id.ID, doc map[string]interface{}) error

Indexer is the interface that wraps the Index method

type LuaHook

type LuaHook struct {
	L *lua.LState

	ID string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewLuaHook

func NewLuaHook(L *lua.LState, code string) (*LuaHook, error)

func (*LuaHook) Execute

func (h *LuaHook) Execute(doc map[string]interface{}) (map[string]interface{}, error)

TODO(tsileo): helper for validation like for required fields and returns details for 422 error (field error details)

func (*LuaHook) ExecuteNoResult

func (h *LuaHook) ExecuteNoResult(doc map[string]interface{}) error

func (*LuaHook) ExecuteReduce

func (h *LuaHook) ExecuteReduce(key string, docs []map[string]interface{}) (map[string]interface{}, error)

func (*LuaHook) LFunction

func (h *LuaHook) LFunction() *lua.LFunction

type LuaQueryEngine

type LuaQueryEngine struct {
	L *lua.LState // Lua state that will live the whole query
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*LuaQueryEngine) Close

func (lqe *LuaQueryEngine) Close() error

func (*LuaQueryEngine) Match

func (lqe *LuaQueryEngine) Match(doc map[string]interface{}) (bool, error)

type MapReduceEngine

type MapReduceEngine struct {
	L *lua.LState

	M *LuaHook // Map
	R *LuaHook // Reduce

	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewMapReduceEngine

func NewMapReduceEngine() *MapReduceEngine

func (*MapReduceEngine) Close

func (mre *MapReduceEngine) Close()

func (*MapReduceEngine) Duplicate

func (mre *MapReduceEngine) Duplicate() (*MapReduceEngine, error)

Duplicate returns a new `MapReduceEngine` with the same map and reduce hook as the current instance.

func (*MapReduceEngine) Finalize

func (mre *MapReduceEngine) Finalize() (map[string]map[string]interface{}, error)

func (*MapReduceEngine) Map

func (mre *MapReduceEngine) Map(doc map[string]interface{}) error

func (*MapReduceEngine) Reduce

func (mre *MapReduceEngine) Reduce(other *MapReduceEngine) error

other can be an already closed engine

func (*MapReduceEngine) SetupMap

func (mre *MapReduceEngine) SetupMap(code string) error

SetupMap loads the map function (as a string, the code must return a function)

func (*MapReduceEngine) SetupReduce

func (mre *MapReduceEngine) SetupReduce(code string) error

SetupReduce loads the reduce function (as a string, the code must return a function)

type MatchAllEngine

type MatchAllEngine struct{}

func (*MatchAllEngine) Close

func (mae *MatchAllEngine) Close() error

func (*MatchAllEngine) Match

func (mae *MatchAllEngine) Match(_ map[string]interface{}) (bool, error)

type QueryMatcher

type QueryMatcher interface {
	Match(map[string]interface{}) (bool, error)
	Close() error


Path Synopsis
Package id implements a MongoDB ObjectId like object.
Package id implements a MongoDB ObjectId like object.
Package textsearch implements basic text search features (for matching text fields of JSON documents).
Package textsearch implements basic text search features (for matching text fields of JSON documents).

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