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const (
	FTBinary   = "binary"
	FTText     = "text"
	FTVideo    = "video"
	FTImage    = "image"
	FTArchive  = "archive"
	FTDocument = "document"


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var (
	// FIXME(tsileo): add a way to set a custom fmt key life for Blobs CLI as we don't care about the FS?
	FSKeyFmt = "_filetree:fs:%s"

	MaxUploadSize int64 = 512 << 20 // 512MB


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type BlobStore

type BlobStore struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewBlobStoreCompat

func NewBlobStoreCompat(bs store.BlobStore, ctx context.Context) *BlobStore

BlobStore is the interface to be compatible with both the server and the BlobStore client

func (*BlobStore) Get

func (bs *BlobStore) Get(hash string) ([]byte, error)

func (*BlobStore) Put

func (bs *BlobStore) Put(ctx context.Context, hash string, data []byte) error

func (*BlobStore) Stat

func (bs *BlobStore) Stat(ctx context.Context, hash string) (bool, error)

type FS

type FS struct {
	Name     string `json:"-"`
	Ref      string `json:"ref"`
	AsOf     int64  `json:"-"`
	Revision int64  `json:"-"`
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewFS

func NewFS(ref string, ft *FileTree) *FS

func (*FS) Mkdir

func (fs *FS) Mkdir(ctx context.Context, prefixFmt, path, name string) (*Node, error)

func (*FS) Path

func (fs *FS) Path(ctx context.Context, path string, depth int, create bool, mtime int64) (*Node, *rnode.RawNode, bool, error)

Path returns the `Node` at the given path, create it if requested

func (*FS) Root

func (fs *FS) Root(ctx context.Context, create bool, mtime int64) (*Node, error)

Root fetch the FS root, and creates a new one if `create` is set to true (but it won't be savec automatically in the BlobStore

type FSInfo

type FSInfo struct {
	Name string
	Ref  string

type FSUpdateEvent

type FSUpdateEvent struct {
	Name      string `json:"fs_name"`
	Path      string `json:"fs_path"`
	Ref       string `json:"node_ref"`
	Type      string `json:"node_type"`
	Time      int64  `json:"event_time"`
	Hostname  string `json:"event_hostname"`
	SessionID string `json:"session_id"`

FSUpdateEvent represents an even fired on FS update to the Oplog

func (*FSUpdateEvent) JSON

func (e *FSUpdateEvent) JSON() string

type FileTree

type FileTree struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func New

func New(logger log.Logger, conf *config.Config, authFunc func(*http.Request) bool, kvStore store.KvStore, blobStore store.BlobStore, chub *hub.Hub) (*FileTree, error)

New initializes the `DocStoreExt`

func (*FileTree) AddChild

func (ft *FileTree) AddChild(ctx context.Context, snap *Snapshot, n *Node, newChild *rnode.RawNode, prefixFmt string, mtime int64) (*Node, int64, error)

Update the given node with the given meta, the updated/new node is assumed to be already saved

func (*FileTree) BFS

func (ft *FileTree) BFS(ctx context.Context, root *Node, fn func(*Node) (bool, error)) (*Node, error)

BFS performs a Breadth-first search

func (*FileTree) BruteforcePath

func (ft *FileTree) BruteforcePath(ctx context.Context, root, target string) ([]*NodeInfo, error)

BruteforcePath builds the path from a children hash/ref

func (*FileTree) Close

func (ft *FileTree) Close() error

Close closes all the open DB files.

func (*FileTree) CreateFS

func (ft *FileTree) CreateFS(ctx context.Context, fsName, prefixFmt string) (*Node, error)

func (*FileTree) DFS

func (ft *FileTree) DFS(ctx context.Context, root *Node, fn func(*Node) (bool, error)) (*Node, error)

DFS performs a (recursive) Depth-first search

func (*FileTree) Delete

func (ft *FileTree) Delete(ctx context.Context, snap *Snapshot, n *Node, prefixFmt string, mtime int64) (*Node, int64, error)

Delete removes the given node from its parent children

func (*FileTree) FS

func (ft *FileTree) FS(ctx context.Context, name, prefixFmt string, newState bool, asOf int64) (*FS, error)

FS fetch the FileSystem by name, returns an empty one if not found

func (ft *FileTree) GetSemiPrivateLink(n *Node) (string, string, error)
func (ft *FileTree) GetTgzLink(n *Node) (string, error)
func (ft *FileTree) GetWebmLink(n *Node) (string, string, error)

func (*FileTree) IterFS

func (ft *FileTree) IterFS(ctx context.Context, start string) ([]*FSInfo, error)

func (*FileTree) IterTree

func (ft *FileTree) IterTree(ctx context.Context, root *Node, fn func(*Node, string) error) error

IterFS iterates the whole FS tree and executes `fn` on each node

func (*FileTree) LuaFSVersions

func (ft *FileTree) LuaFSVersions(name string) ([]*Snapshot, error)

func (*FileTree) Node

func (ft *FileTree) Node(ctx context.Context, hash string) (*Node, error)

func (*FileTree) NodeWithChildren

func (ft *FileTree) NodeWithChildren(ctx context.Context, hash string) (*Node, error)

func (*FileTree) Register

func (ft *FileTree) Register(r *mux.Router, root *mux.Router, basicAuth func(http.Handler) http.Handler)

RegisterRoute registers all the HTTP handlers for the extension

func (*FileTree) ShareTTL

func (ft *FileTree) ShareTTL() time.Duration

func (*FileTree) SharingCred

func (ft *FileTree) SharingCred() *bewit.Cred

func (*FileTree) TreeBlobs

func (ft *FileTree) TreeBlobs(ctx context.Context, node *Node) ([]string, error)

func (*FileTree) Update

func (ft *FileTree) Update(ctx context.Context, snap *Snapshot, n *Node, m *rnode.RawNode, prefixFmt string, first bool) (*Node, int64, error)

Update the given node with the given meta, the updated/new node is assumed to be already saved

type GraphSearchFunc

type GraphSearchFunc = func(context.Context, *Node, func(*Node) (bool, error)) (*Node, error)

GraphSearchFunc is the interface type for the different graph transversal algorithms (BFS,DFS)

type Info

type Info struct {
	Image *imginfo.Image `json:"image,omitempty" msgpack:"image,omitempty"`
	Video *vidinfo.Video `json:"video,omitempty" msgpack:"video,omitempty"`

type Node

type Node struct {
	Name          string  `json:"name" msgpack:"n"`
	Type          string  `json:"type" msgpack:"t"`
	FileType      string  `json:"file_type,omitempty" msgpack:"ft,omitempty"`
	Size          int     `json:"size,omitempty" msgpack:"s,omitempty"`
	Mode          int     `json:"mode,omitempty" msgpack:"mo,omitempty"`
	ModTime       string  `json:"mtime" msgpack:"mt"`
	ChangeTime    string  `json:"ctime" msgpack:"ct"`
	ContentHash   string  `json:"content_hash,omitempty" msgpack:"ch,omitempty"`
	Hash          string  `json:"ref" msgpack:"r"`
	Children      []*Node `json:"children,omitempty" msgpack:"c,omitempty"`
	ChildrenCount int     `json:"children_count,omitempty" msgpack:"cc,omitempty"`

	// FIXME(ts): rename to Metadata
	Data map[string]interface{} `json:"metadata,omitempty" msgpack:"md,omitempty"`
	Info *Info                  `json:"info,omitempty" msgpack:"i,omitempty"`

	Meta *rnode.RawNode `json:"-" msgpack:"-"`

	URL  string            `json:"url,omitempty" msgpack:"u,omitempty"`
	URLs map[string]string `json:"urls,omitempty" msgpack:"us,omitempty"`
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Node holds the data about the file node (either file/dir), analog to a Meta

func (*Node) Close

func (n *Node) Close() error

type NodeInfo

type NodeInfo struct {
	Name, Ref string

NodeInfo represents a node for the path/breadcrumbs

type Snapshot

type Snapshot struct {
	Ref       string `msgpack:"-" json:"ref"`
	CreatedAt int64  `msgpack:"-" json:"created_at"`

	Hostname  string `msgpack:"h" json:"hostname,omitempty"`
	Message   string `msgpack:"m,omitempty" json:"message,omitempty"`
	UserAgent string `msgpack:"ua,omitempty" json:"user_agent,omitempty"`

TODO(tsileo): a way to create a snapshot without modifying anything (and forcing the datactx before)

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filetreeutil/node Package node implement the node specification for the filetree extension.