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Published: Oct 26, 2023 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 2 Imported by: 0



Package lru implements an LRU cache.



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type Cache

type Cache struct {
	// MaxEntries is the maximum number of cache entries before
	// an item is evicted. Zero means no limit.
	MaxEntries int

	// OnEvicted optionally specifies a callback function to be
	// executed when an entry is purged from the cache.
	OnEvicted func(key Key, value interface{})
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Cache is an LRU cache. It is not safe for concurrent access.

func New

func New(maxEntries int) *Cache

New creates a new Cache. If maxEntries is zero, the cache has no limit and it's assumed that eviction is done by the caller.

func (*Cache) Add

func (c *Cache) Add(key Key, value interface{}, expire time.Time)

Add adds a value to the cache.

func (*Cache) Clear

func (c *Cache) Clear()

Clear purges all stored items from the cache.

func (*Cache) Get

func (c *Cache) Get(key Key) (value interface{}, ok bool)

Get looks up a key's value from the cache.

func (*Cache) Len

func (c *Cache) Len() int

Len returns the number of items in the cache.

func (*Cache) Remove

func (c *Cache) Remove(key Key)

Remove removes the provided key from the cache.

func (*Cache) RemoveOldest

func (c *Cache) RemoveOldest()

RemoveOldest removes the oldest item from the cache.

type Key

type Key interface{}

A Key may be any value that is comparable. See

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