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API reference Test branches

Local development often involves local replace directives like

replace aduu.dev/utils => ../go/aduu-dev-utils

When remote machines (think Github Actions or build machines) encounter local replace directives then tests fail. This can be avoided by removing the replace directives temporarily, by hand or with git commit hooks.

gogit allows installing pre-commit and post-commit hooks and also offers manual commands which can temporarily back up go.mod, remove the replace directives and then later restore the go.mod from the backup.


go get -u aduu.dev/tools/gogit


You are in a git repository root and you want to temporarily remove local go.mod replace directives during commit.

Automatically during commit

The replace commands can be installed into a pre-commit hook.

To install the git pre-commit and post-commit hooks:

gogit install-hooks .

It basically adds to .git/hooks/pre-commit

gogit replace --replace-only-if-staged .

and to .git/hooks/post-commit it adds

gogit replace --replace-only-if-staged --undo .

It adds comments to those lines to remember which lines it wrote. So applying gogit install-hooks . twice in a row is idempotent (does not add the line twice).

The base command gogit can be replaced with a flag for install-hooks: --base-command=my-command

Removing gogit install hooks

The counter-part to goit install-hooks .:

gogit remove-hooks .

Note that it does not delete the git hooks, but rather only removes the line with the comment it inserted itself.


This way you can temporarily remove local replace directives:

gogit replace .

A backup is being written into "go.mod.b".

To reapply a backup:

gogit replace --undo .



Package main.


Path Synopsis
Package contains exploration code to find out how go-git assigns StatusCodes to file.
Package contains exploration code to find out how go-git assigns StatusCodes to file.

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