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Package yuml2svg generates yuml files using the yuml2svg Typescript package.

Requires yarn to install yuml2svg globally. For more infos: https://github.com/aduh95/yuml2svg#readme For vscode snippets: https://github.com/aduh95/yuml2svg/blob/master/test/snippets.json



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func GenerateYuml added in v0.1.5

func GenerateYuml(settings Settings, yumlPath string, toSvgPath string) (err error)

GenerateYuml generates an svg from a given yuml file.

func GenerateYumlInplace added in v0.1.20

func GenerateYumlInplace(settings Settings, yumlPath string) (err error)

GenerateYumlInplace generates an svg from the given yuml. The name is the source name with the extension exchanged with svg.

func GenerateYumls

func GenerateYumls(settings Settings, root string) (err error)

GenerateYumls walks the directory path and generates svgs from yuml files.

The svg files are named the same as the yuml files with the suffix replaced.

func Install

func Install(r dash.Runner) (err error)

Install yuml2svg with yarn.


type Settings added in v0.1.5

type Settings struct {
	// If Dark is true then the svg is rendered for dark mode, edges are white.
	// If Dark is false then the svg is rendered for light mode, edges are black.
	Dark bool
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Settings contain options used during yuml->svg conversion.


Path Synopsis
Package yuml: Use the package above to generate svgs from yuml.
Package yuml: Use the package above to generate svgs from yuml.

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