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Published: Jan 30, 2024 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 61 Imported by: 1



Package gameserverallocations handles management of allocating Ready GameServers via selectors



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const (
	// LastAllocatedAnnotationKey is a GameServer annotation containing an RFC 3339 formatted
	// timestamp of the most recent allocation.
	LastAllocatedAnnotationKey = ""


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var (
	// ErrNoGameServer is returned when there are no Allocatable GameServers
	// available
	ErrNoGameServer = errors.New("Could not find an Allocatable GameServer")
	// ErrConflictInGameServerSelection is returned when the candidate gameserver already allocated
	ErrConflictInGameServerSelection = errors.New("The Gameserver was already allocated")
	// ErrTotalTimeoutExceeded is used to signal that total retry timeout has been exceeded and no additional retries should be made
	ErrTotalTimeoutExceeded = status.Errorf(codes.DeadlineExceeded, "remote allocation total timeout exceeded")


func Retry added in v0.9.0

func Retry(backoff wait.Backoff, fn func() error) error

Retry retries fn based on backoff provided.


type AllocationCache added in v1.16.0

type AllocationCache struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

AllocationCache maintains a cache of GameServers that could potentially be allocated.

func NewAllocationCache added in v1.16.0

func NewAllocationCache(informer informerv1.GameServerInformer, counter *gameservers.PerNodeCounter, health healthcheck.Handler) *AllocationCache

NewAllocationCache creates a new instance of AllocationCache

func (*AllocationCache) AddGameServer added in v1.16.0

func (c *AllocationCache) AddGameServer(gs *agonesv1.GameServer)

AddGameServer adds a gameserver to the cache of allocatable GameServers

func (*AllocationCache) ListSortedGameServers added in v1.16.0

func (c *AllocationCache) ListSortedGameServers(gsa *allocationv1.GameServerAllocation) []*agonesv1.GameServer

ListSortedGameServers returns a list of the cached gameservers sorted by most allocated to least.

func (*AllocationCache) ListSortedGameServersPriorities added in v1.34.0

func (c *AllocationCache) ListSortedGameServersPriorities(gsa *allocationv1.GameServerAllocation) []*agonesv1.GameServer

ListSortedGameServersPriorities sorts and returns a list of game servers based on the list of Priorities.

func (*AllocationCache) RemoveGameServer added in v1.16.0

func (c *AllocationCache) RemoveGameServer(gs *agonesv1.GameServer) error

RemoveGameServer removes a gameserver from the cache of game servers

func (*AllocationCache) Resync added in v1.16.0

func (c *AllocationCache) Resync()

Resync enqueues an empty game server to be synced. Using queue helps avoiding multiple threads syncing at the same time.

func (*AllocationCache) Run added in v1.16.0

func (c *AllocationCache) Run(ctx context.Context) error

Run prepares cache to start

func (*AllocationCache) Sync added in v1.16.0

func (c *AllocationCache) Sync(ctx context.Context) error

Sync builds the initial cache from the current set GameServers in the cluster

func (*AllocationCache) SyncGameServers added in v1.16.0

func (c *AllocationCache) SyncGameServers(ctx context.Context, key string) error

SyncGameServers synchronises the GameServers to Gameserver cache. This is called when a failure happened during the allocation. This method will sync and make sure the cache is up to date.

type Allocator added in v1.0.0

type Allocator struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Allocator handles game server allocation

func NewAllocator added in v1.0.0

func NewAllocator(policyInformer multiclusterinformerv1.GameServerAllocationPolicyInformer, secretInformer informercorev1.SecretInformer, gameServerGetter getterv1.GameServersGetter,
	kubeClient kubernetes.Interface, allocationCache *AllocationCache, remoteAllocationTimeout time.Duration, totalRemoteAllocationTimeout time.Duration, batchWaitTime time.Duration) *Allocator

NewAllocator creates an instance of Allocator

func (*Allocator) Allocate added in v1.0.0

Allocate CRDHandler for allocating a gameserver.

func (*Allocator) ListenAndAllocate added in v1.0.0

func (c *Allocator) ListenAndAllocate(ctx context.Context, updateWorkerCount int)

ListenAndAllocate is a blocking function that runs in a loop looking at c.requestBatches for batches of requests that are coming through.

func (*Allocator) Run added in v1.14.0

func (c *Allocator) Run(ctx context.Context) error

Run initiates the listeners.

func (*Allocator) Sync added in v1.0.0

func (c *Allocator) Sync(ctx context.Context) error

Sync waits for cache to sync

type Extensions added in v1.29.0

type Extensions struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Extensions is a GameServerAllocation controller within the Extensions service

func NewExtensions added in v1.29.0

func NewExtensions(apiServer *apiserver.APIServer,
	health healthcheck.Handler,
	counter *gameservers.PerNodeCounter,
	kubeClient kubernetes.Interface,
	kubeInformerFactory informers.SharedInformerFactory,
	agonesClient versioned.Interface,
	agonesInformerFactory externalversions.SharedInformerFactory,
	remoteAllocationTimeout time.Duration,
	totalAllocationTimeout time.Duration,
	allocationBatchWaitTime time.Duration,
) *Extensions

NewExtensions returns the extensions controller for a GameServerAllocation

func (*Extensions) Run added in v1.29.0

func (c *Extensions) Run(ctx context.Context, _ int) error

Run runs this extensions controller. Will block until stop is closed. Ignores threadiness, as we only needs 1 worker for cache sync

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