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func GetCookieValue

func GetCookieValue(req *http.Request, name string) (cookieValue string)

func NewListener

func NewListener(addr *net.TCPAddr) (net.Listener, error)

func SetCookieValue

func SetCookieValue(w http.ResponseWriter, host, key, newCookieValue string)


type WrapResponseWriter

type WrapResponseWriter interface {
	// Status returns the HTTP status of the request, or 0 if one has not
	// yet been sent.
	Status() int
	// BytesWritten returns the total number of bytes sent to the client.
	BytesWritten() int
	// Tee causes the response body to be written to the given io.Writer in
	// addition to proxying the writes through. Only one io.Writer can be
	// tee'd to at once: setting a second one will overwrite the first.
	// Writes will be sent to the proxy before being written to this
	// io.Writer. It is illegal for the tee'd writer to be modified
	// concurrently with writes.
	// Unwrap returns the original proxied target.
	Unwrap() http.ResponseWriter

WrapResponseWriter is a proxy around an http.ResponseWriter that allows you to hook into various parts of the response process.

func NewWrapResponseWriter

func NewWrapResponseWriter(w http.ResponseWriter, protoMajor int) WrapResponseWriter

NewWrapResponseWriter wraps an http.ResponseWriter, returning a proxy that allows you to hook into various parts of the response process.


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