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type Address added in v1.7.0

type Address struct {
	Address string `json:"address"`
	Gateway net.IP `json:"gateway,omitempty"`
	IPNet   net.IPNet
	// IP version. Either "4" or "6".
	Version string

type IPAMConfig added in v1.7.0

type IPAMConfig struct {
	Type string `json:"type"`
	// IP ranges for NodeIPAM. Can include both v4 and v6 ranges.
	Ranges []RangeSet `json:"ranges,omitempty"`
	// Routes, Addresses, and DNS are copied from static IPAM
	// (https://www.cni.dev/plugins/current/ipam/static).
	Routes    []*cnitypes.Route `json:"routes,omitempty"`
	Addresses []Address         `json:"addresses,omitempty"`
	DNS       cnitypes.DNS      `json:"dns,omitempty"`
	// Antrea IPPool names for Antrea IPAM.
	IPPools []string `json:"ippools,omitempty"`

type K8sArgs

type K8sArgs struct {
	K8S_POD_NAME               cnitypes.UnmarshallableString
	K8S_POD_NAMESPACE          cnitypes.UnmarshallableString
	K8S_POD_INFRA_CONTAINER_ID cnitypes.UnmarshallableString

type NetworkConfig added in v1.7.0

type NetworkConfig struct {
	CNIVersion string       `json:"cniVersion"`
	Name       string       `json:"name"`
	Type       string       `json:"type"`
	DeviceID   string       `json:"deviceID,omitempty"` // PCI address of a VF
	MTU        int          `json:"mtu,omitempty"`
	DNS        cnitypes.DNS `json:"dns,omitempty"`
	IPAM       *IPAMConfig  `json:"ipam,omitempty"`
	// Options to be passed in by the runtime.
	RuntimeConfig RuntimeConfig          `json:"runtimeConfig,omitempty"`
	RawPrevResult map[string]interface{} `json:"prevResult,omitempty"`
	PrevResult    cnitypes.Result        `json:"-"`

type Range added in v1.7.0

type Range struct {
	Subnet  string `json:"subnet"`
	Gateway string `json:"gateway,omitempty"`

type RangeSet added in v1.7.0

type RangeSet []Range

type RuntimeConfig added in v1.7.0

type RuntimeConfig struct {
	DNS RuntimeDNS `json:"dns"`

type RuntimeDNS added in v1.7.0

type RuntimeDNS struct {
	Nameservers []string `json:"servers,omitempty"`
	Search      []string `json:"searches,omitempty"`

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