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func NewLocalIPDetector

func NewLocalIPDetector() *localIPDetector


type IPAssigner

type IPAssigner interface {
	// AssignIP ensures the provided IP is assigned to the system.
	AssignIP(ip string) error
	// UnassignIP ensures the provided IP is not assigned to the system.
	UnassignIP(ip string) error
	// AssignedIPs return the IPs that are assigned to the system by this IPAssigner.
	AssignedIPs() sets.Set[string]
	// InitIPs ensures the IPs that are assigned to the system match the given IPs.
	InitIPs(sets.Set[string]) error
	// Run starts the IP assigner.
	Run(<-chan struct{})

IPAssigner provides methods to assign or unassign IP.

func NewIPAssigner

func NewIPAssigner(nodeTransportInterface string, dummyDeviceName string) (IPAssigner, error)

NewIPAssigner returns an *ipAssigner.

type LocalIPDetector

type LocalIPDetector interface {
	IsLocalIP(ip string) bool

	// Run starts the detector.
	Run(stopCh <-chan struct{})

	// AddEventHandler registers an eventHandler of IP address update. It's not thread-safe and should be called before
	// starting the detector.
	AddEventHandler(handler LocalIPEventHandler)

	// HasSynced returns true if the cache has been initialized with the full lists of IP addresses.
	HasSynced() bool

type LocalIPEventHandler

type LocalIPEventHandler func(ip string, added bool)


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Package testing is a generated GoMock package.

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