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const (
	NodeNameEnvKey = "NODE_NAME"


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func GetAllowNoEncapWithoutAntreaProxy added in v1.5.0

func GetAllowNoEncapWithoutAntreaProxy() bool

GetAllowNoEncapWithoutAntreaProxy returns whether AntreaProxy can be disabled for traffic modes which support noEncap.

func GetAntreaConfigMapName added in v1.2.0

func GetAntreaConfigMapName() string

GetAntreaConfigMapName returns the configMap name of Antrea config.

func GetAntreaControllerServiceAccount

func GetAntreaControllerServiceAccount() string

GetAntreaControllerServiceAccountName returns the ServiceAccount name associated with antrea-controller.

func GetAntreaNamespace

func GetAntreaNamespace() string

GetAntreaNamespace tries to determine the Namespace in which Antrea is running by looking at the POD_NAMESPACE environment variable. If this environment variable is not set (e.g. because the Antrea component is not run as a Pod), "kube-system" is returned.

func GetNodeName

func GetNodeName() (string, error)

GetNodeName returns the node's name used in Kubernetes, based on the priority: - Environment variable NODE_NAME, which should be set by Downward API - OS's hostname

func GetPodName

func GetPodName() string

GetPodName returns name of the Pod where the code executes.

func GetPodNamespace

func GetPodNamespace() string

GetPodNamespace returns Namespace of the Pod where the code executes.

func IsCloudEKS

func IsCloudEKS() bool

IsCloudEKS returns true if Antrea is used to enforce NetworkPolicies in an EKS cluster.


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