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Package version provides information about the current semantic version for the Antrea project.



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var (
	// Must follow the rules in
	// Does not include git / build information
	Version = ""
	// Empty if git not available
	GitSHA = ""
	// Can be "dirty", "clean" or empty (if git not available)
	GitTreeState = ""
	// Can be "unreleased" or "released"; if it is "unreleased" then we add build information to
	// the version in GetFullVersion
	ReleaseStatus = "unreleased"

These variables are set at build-time.


func GetFullVersion

func GetFullVersion() string

GetFullVersion returns the version string to be displayed by Antrea binaries. It will look like "<major>.<minor>.<patch>" for released versions and "<major>.<minor>.<patch>-<SHA>[.dirty]" for unreleased versions.

func GetFullVersionWithRuntimeInfo

func GetFullVersionWithRuntimeInfo() string

GetFullVersionWithRuntimeInfo returns the same version string as GetFullVersion but appends "<GOOS>/<GOARCH> <GOVERSION>", where GOOS is the running program's operating system target (e.g. darwin, linux), GOARCH is the the running program's architecture target (e.g. amd64), and GOVERSION is the Go version used to build the current binary.

func GetGitSHA

func GetGitSHA() string

func GetVersion

func GetVersion() semver.Version


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