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const (
	// Invalid ofport_request number is in range 1 to 65,279. For ofport_request number not in the range, OVS
	// ignore the it and automatically assign a port number.
	// Here we use an invalid port number "0" to request for automatically port allocation.
	AutoAssignedOFPort = 0
	DefaultTunOFPort   = 1
	HostGatewayOFPort  = 2
	UplinkOFPort       = 3
	// 0xfffffffe is a reserved port number in OpenFlow protocol, which is dedicated for the Bridge interface.
	BridgeOFPort = 0xfffffffe
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const (
	VXLANOverhead  = 50
	GeneveOverhead = 50
	GREOverhead    = 38
	// IPsec ESP can add a maximum of 38 bytes to the packet including the ESP
	// header and trailer.
	IPSecESPOverhead  = 38
	IPv6ExtraOverhead = 20


This section is empty.


func IsIPv4Enabled

func IsIPv4Enabled(nodeConfig *NodeConfig, trafficEncapMode TrafficEncapModeType) bool

IsIPv4Enabled returns true if the cluster network supports IPv4. TODO: support dual-stack in networkPolicyOnly mode.

func IsIPv6Enabled

func IsIPv6Enabled(nodeConfig *NodeConfig, trafficEncapMode TrafficEncapModeType) bool

IsIPv6Enabled returns true if the cluster network supports IPv6. TODO: support dual-stack in networkPolicyOnly mode.


type AdapterNetConfig

type AdapterNetConfig struct {
	Name       string
	Index      int
	MAC        net.HardwareAddr
	IP         *net.IPNet
	Gateway    string
	DNSServers string
	Routes     []interface{}

type GatewayConfig

type GatewayConfig struct {
	// Name is the name of host gateway, e.g. antrea-gw0.
	Name string

	IPv4 net.IP
	IPv6 net.IP
	MAC  net.HardwareAddr
	// LinkIndex is the link index of host gateway.
	LinkIndex int

func (*GatewayConfig) String

func (g *GatewayConfig) String() string

type NetworkConfig

type NetworkConfig struct {
	TrafficEncapMode  TrafficEncapModeType
	TunnelType        ovsconfig.TunnelType
	EnableIPSecTunnel bool
	IPSecPSK          string

User provided network configuration parameters.

type NodeConfig

type NodeConfig struct {
	// The Node's name used in Kubernetes.
	Name string
	// The name of the OpenVSwitch bridge antrea-agent uses.
	OVSBridge string
	// The name of the default tunnel interface. Defaults to "antrea-tun0", but can
	// be overridden by the discovered tunnel interface name from the OVS bridge.
	DefaultTunName string
	// The CIDR block from which to allocate IPv4 address to Pod.
	// It's nil for the net workPolicyOnly trafficEncapMode which doesn't do IPAM.
	PodIPv4CIDR *net.IPNet
	// The CIDR block from where to allocate IPv6 address to Pod.
	// It's nil for the net workPolicyOnly trafficEncapMode which doesn't do IPAM.
	PodIPv6CIDR *net.IPNet
	// The Node's IP used in Kubernetes. It has the network mask information.
	NodeIPAddr *net.IPNet
	// Set either via defaultMTU config in antrea.yaml or auto discovered.
	// Auto discovery will use MTU value of the Node's primary interface.
	// For Encap and Hybrid mode, Node MTU will be adjusted to account for encap header.
	NodeMTU int
	// The config of the gateway interface on the OVS bridge.
	GatewayConfig *GatewayConfig
	// The config of the OVS bridge uplink interface. Only for Windows Node.
	UplinkNetConfig *AdapterNetConfig

Local Node configurations retrieved from K8s API or host networking state.

func (*NodeConfig) String

func (n *NodeConfig) String() string

type TrafficEncapModeType

type TrafficEncapModeType int
const (
	TrafficEncapModeEncap TrafficEncapModeType = iota
	TrafficEncapModeInvalid = -1

func GetTrafficEncapModeFromStr

func GetTrafficEncapModeFromStr(str string) (bool, TrafficEncapModeType)

GetTrafficEncapModeFromStr returns true and TrafficEncapModeType corresponding to input string. Otherwise, false and undefined value is returned

func GetTrafficEncapModes

func GetTrafficEncapModes() []TrafficEncapModeType

func (TrafficEncapModeType) IsNetworkPolicyOnly

func (m TrafficEncapModeType) IsNetworkPolicyOnly() bool

IsNetworkPolicyOnly returns true if TrafficEncapModeType is network policy only.

func (TrafficEncapModeType) NeedsEncapToPeer

func (m TrafficEncapModeType) NeedsEncapToPeer(peerIP net.IP, localIP *net.IPNet) bool

NeedsEncapToPeer returns true if Pod traffic to peer Node needs to be encapsulated.

func (TrafficEncapModeType) NeedsRoutingToPeer

func (m TrafficEncapModeType) NeedsRoutingToPeer(peerIP net.IP, localIP *net.IPNet) bool

NeedsRoutingToPeer returns true if Pod traffic to peer Node needs underlying routing support.

func (TrafficEncapModeType) String

func (m TrafficEncapModeType) String() string

String returns value in string.

func (TrafficEncapModeType) SupportsEncap

func (m TrafficEncapModeType) SupportsEncap() bool

SupportsEncap returns true if TrafficEncapModeType supports encap.

func (TrafficEncapModeType) SupportsNoEncap

func (m TrafficEncapModeType) SupportsNoEncap() bool

SupportsNoEncap returns true if TrafficEncapModeType supports noEncap.

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