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type EndpointSliceCache

type EndpointSliceCache struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

EndpointSliceCache is used as a cache of EndpointSlice information.

func NewEndpointSliceCache

func NewEndpointSliceCache(hostname string, isIPv6Mode bool) *EndpointSliceCache

NewEndpointSliceCache initializes an EndpointSliceCache.

type Proxier

type Proxier interface {
	// GetProxyProvider returns the real proxy Provider.
	GetProxyProvider() k8sproxy.Provider
	// GetServiceFlowKeys returns the keys (match strings) of the cached OVS
	// flows and the OVS group IDs for a Service. False is returned if the
	// Service is not found.
	GetServiceFlowKeys(serviceName, namespace string) ([]string, []binding.GroupIDType, bool)
	// GetServiceByIP returns the ServicePortName struct for the given serviceString(ClusterIP:Port/Proto).
	// False is returned if the serviceString is not found in serviceStringMap.
	GetServiceByIP(serviceStr string) (k8sproxy.ServicePortName, bool)

Proxier wraps proxy.Provider and adds extra methods. It is introduced for extending the proxy.Provider implementations with extra methods, without modifying the proxy.Provider interface.

func NewProxier

func NewProxier(hostname string,
	k8sClient clientset.Interface,
	ofClient openflow.Client,
	routeClient route.Interface,
	nodeIPChecker nodeip.Checker,
	v4Enabled bool,
	v6Enabled bool,
	nodePortAddressesIPv4 []net.IP,
	nodePortAddressesIPv6 []net.IP,
	proxyConfig antreaconfig.AntreaProxyConfig,
	defaultLoadBalancerMode agentconfig.LoadBalancerMode,
	v4GroupCounter types.GroupCounter,
	v6GroupCounter types.GroupCounter,
	nestedServiceSupport bool,
	informerFactory informers.SharedInformerFactory) (Proxier, error)


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Package testing is a generated GoMock package.

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