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func ParseTunnelInterfaceConfig

func ParseTunnelInterfaceConfig(
	portData *ovsconfig.OVSPortData,
	portConfig *interfacestore.OVSPortConfig) *interfacestore.InterfaceConfig

ParseTunnelInterfaceConfig initializes and returns an InterfaceConfig struct for a tunnel interface. It reads tunnel type, remote IP, IPsec PSK from the OVS interface options, and NodeName from the OVS port external_ids. nil is returned, if the OVS port and interface configurations are not valid for a tunnel interface.


type Controller

type Controller struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Controller is responsible for setting up necessary IP routes and Openflow entries for inter-node traffic.

func NewNodeRouteController

func NewNodeRouteController(
	nodeInformer coreinformers.NodeInformer,
	client openflow.Client,
	ovsCtlClient ovsctl.OVSCtlClient,
	ovsBridgeClient ovsconfig.OVSBridgeClient,
	routeClient route.Interface,
	interfaceStore interfacestore.InterfaceStore,
	networkConfig *config.NetworkConfig,
	nodeConfig *config.NodeConfig,
	wireguardClient wireguard.Interface,
	ipsecCertificateManager ipseccertificate.Manager,
) *Controller

NewNodeRouteController instantiates a new Controller object which will process Node events and ensure connectivity between different Nodes.

func (*Controller) IPInPodSubnets

func (c *Controller) IPInPodSubnets(ip net.IP) bool

func (*Controller) Run

func (c *Controller) Run(stopCh <-chan struct{})

Run will create defaultWorkers workers (go routines) which will process the Node events from the workqueue.

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