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const (
	// ContainerInterface is used to mark current interface is for container
	ContainerInterface InterfaceType = iota
	// GatewayInterface is used to mark current interface is for host gateway
	// TunnelInterface is used to mark current interface is for tunnel port
	// UplinkInterface is used to mark current interface is for uplink port
	// HostInterface is used to mark current interface is for host

	AntreaInterfaceTypeKey = "antrea-type"
	AntreaGateway          = "gateway"
	AntreaContainer        = "container"
	AntreaTunnel           = "tunnel"
	AntreaUplink           = "uplink"
	AntreaHost             = "host"
	AntreaUnset            = ""


This section is empty.


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type ContainerInterfaceConfig

type ContainerInterfaceConfig struct {
	ContainerID  string
	PodName      string
	PodNamespace string

type InterfaceConfig

type InterfaceConfig struct {
	Type InterfaceType
	// Unique name of the interface, also used for the OVS port name.
	InterfaceName string
	IPs           []net.IP
	MAC           net.HardwareAddr

func NewContainerInterface

func NewContainerInterface(
	interfaceName string,
	containerID string,
	podName string,
	podNamespace string,
	mac net.HardwareAddr,
	ips []net.IP) *InterfaceConfig

NewContainerInterface creates InterfaceConfig for a Pod.

func NewGatewayInterface

func NewGatewayInterface(gatewayName string) *InterfaceConfig

NewGatewayInterface creates InterfaceConfig for the host gateway interface.

func NewHostInterface added in v1.5.0

func NewHostInterface(hostInterfaceName string) *InterfaceConfig

func NewIPSecTunnelInterface

func NewIPSecTunnelInterface(interfaceName string, tunnelType ovsconfig.TunnelType, nodeName string, nodeIP net.IP, psk string) *InterfaceConfig

NewIPSecTunnelInterface creates InterfaceConfig for the IPsec tunnel to the Node.

func NewTunnelInterface

func NewTunnelInterface(tunnelName string, tunnelType ovsconfig.TunnelType, localIP net.IP, csum bool) *InterfaceConfig

NewTunnelInterface creates InterfaceConfig for the default tunnel port interface.

func NewUplinkInterface

func NewUplinkInterface(uplinkName string) *InterfaceConfig

NewUplinkInterface creates InterfaceConfig for the uplink interface.

func (*InterfaceConfig) GetIPv4Addr

func (c *InterfaceConfig) GetIPv4Addr() net.IP

TODO: remove this method after IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack is supported completely.

func (*InterfaceConfig) GetIPv6Addr

func (c *InterfaceConfig) GetIPv6Addr() net.IP

type InterfaceStore

type InterfaceStore interface {
	Initialize(interfaces []*InterfaceConfig)
	AddInterface(interfaceConfig *InterfaceConfig)
	DeleteInterface(interfaceConfig *InterfaceConfig)
	GetInterface(interfaceKey string) (*InterfaceConfig, bool)
	GetInterfaceByName(interfaceName string) (*InterfaceConfig, bool)
	GetContainerInterface(containerID string) (*InterfaceConfig, bool)
	GetInterfacesByEntity(name string, namespace string) []*InterfaceConfig
	GetContainerInterfacesByPod(podName string, podNamespace string) []*InterfaceConfig
	GetInterfaceByIP(interfaceIP string) (*InterfaceConfig, bool)
	GetNodeTunnelInterface(nodeName string) (*InterfaceConfig, bool)
	GetInterfaceByOFPort(ofPort uint32) (*InterfaceConfig, bool)
	GetContainerInterfaceNum() int
	GetInterfacesByType(interfaceType InterfaceType) []*InterfaceConfig
	Len() int
	GetInterfaceKeysByType(interfaceType InterfaceType) []string

InterfaceStore is a service interface to create local interfaces for container, host gateway, and tunnel port. Support add/delete/get operations

func NewInterfaceStore

func NewInterfaceStore() InterfaceStore

type InterfaceType

type InterfaceType uint8

func (InterfaceType) String

func (t InterfaceType) String() string

type OVSPortConfig

type OVSPortConfig struct {
	PortUUID string
	OFPort   int32

type TunnelInterfaceConfig

type TunnelInterfaceConfig struct {
	Type ovsconfig.TunnelType
	// Name of the remote Node.
	NodeName string
	// IP address of the local Node.
	LocalIP net.IP
	// IP address of the remote Node.
	RemoteIP net.IP
	PSK      string
	// Whether options:csum is set for this tunnel interface.
	// If true, encapsulation header UDP checksums will be computed on outgoing packets.
	Csum bool


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Package testing is a generated GoMock package.

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