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const (
	// CSIPluginName is the name of the in-tree CSI Plugin
	CSIPluginName = "kubernetes.io/csi"

	// CsiResyncPeriod is default resync period duration
	// TODO: increase to something useful
	CsiResyncPeriod = time.Minute
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const (
	// TestInformerSyncPeriod is informer sync period duration for testing
	TestInformerSyncPeriod = 100 * time.Millisecond
	// TestInformerSyncTimeout is informer timeout duration for testing
	TestInformerSyncTimeout = 30 * time.Second


This section is empty.


func GetCSIMounterPath

func GetCSIMounterPath(path string) string

GetCSIMounterPath returns the mounter path given the base path.

func NewMetricsCsi

func NewMetricsCsi(volumeID string, targetPath string, driverName csiDriverName, csiDrivers *DriversStore) volume.MetricsProvider

NewMetricsCsi creates a new metricsCsi with the Volume ID and path.

func ProbeVolumePlugins

func ProbeVolumePlugins(nim nodeinfomanager.Interface, l *kubehelper.CSIDriverLister, csiDrivers *DriversStore) []volume.VolumePlugin

ProbeVolumePlugins returns implemented plugins


type Driver

type Driver struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

driver is a description of a CSI driver, defined by an enpoint and the highest CSI version supported

type DriversStore

type DriversStore struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

DriversStore holds a list of CSI Drivers

func (*DriversStore) Clear

func (s *DriversStore) Clear()

Clear deletes all entries in the store. This methiod is protected by a mutex.

func (*DriversStore) Delete

func (s *DriversStore) Delete(driverName string)

Delete lets you delete a CSI driver by name. This method is protected by a mutex.

func (*DriversStore) Get

func (s *DriversStore) Get(driverName string) (Driver, bool)

Get lets you retrieve a CSI driver by name. This method is protected by a mutex.

func (*DriversStore) Set

func (s *DriversStore) Set(driverName string, driver Driver)

Set lets you save a CSI driver to the list and give it a specific name. This method is protected by a mutex.

type RegistrationHandler

type RegistrationHandler struct {
	NodeInfoManager nodeinfomanager.Interface
	CSIDrivers      *DriversStore

RegistrationHandler is the handler which is fed to the pluginwatcher API.

func (*RegistrationHandler) DeRegisterPlugin

func (h *RegistrationHandler) DeRegisterPlugin(pluginName string)

DeRegisterPlugin is called when a plugin removed its socket, signaling it is no longer available

func (*RegistrationHandler) RegisterPlugin

func (h *RegistrationHandler) RegisterPlugin(pluginName string, endpoint string, versions []string) error

RegisterPlugin is called when a plugin can be registered

func (*RegistrationHandler) ValidatePlugin

func (h *RegistrationHandler) ValidatePlugin(pluginName string, endpoint string, versions []string) error

ValidatePlugin is called by kubelet's plugin watcher upon detection of a new registration socket opened by CSI driver registrar side car.

type VolumeHost

type VolumeHost interface {

	// SetKubeletError lets plugins set an error on the Kubelet runtime status
	// that will cause the Kubelet to post NotReady status with the error message provided
	SetKubeletError(err error)
	// GetInformerFactory returns the informer factory for CSIDriverLister
	GetInformerFactory() informers.SharedInformerFactory
	// CSIDriverLister returns the informer lister for the CSIDriver API Object
	CSIDriverLister() *kubehelper.CSIDriverLister
	// CSIDriverSynced returns the informer synced for the CSIDriver API Object
	CSIDriversSynced() cache.InformerSynced
	// WaitForCacheSync is a helper function that waits for cache sync for CSIDriverLister
	WaitForCacheSync() error
	// Returns hostutil.HostUtils
	GetHostUtil() hostutil.HostUtils


VolumeHost is a AttachDetach Controller specific interface that plugins can use to access methods on the Attach Detach Controller.

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