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var GlobalInterfaceTypeHandler rs.InterfaceTypeHandler = globalTypeManager


func RegisterRenderer

func RegisterRenderer(name string, create RendererCreateFunc)

RegisterRenderer associates a renderer factory with name

func RegisterTask

func RegisterTask(k ToolKind, tk TaskKind, create TaskCreateFunc)

RegisterTask associates a task factory with task kind

func RegisterTool

func RegisterTool(k ToolKind, create ToolCreateFunc)

RegisterTool associates a tool factory with tool kind

func ResolveEnv

func ResolveEnv(ctx RenderingContext, parent rs.Field, envFieldName, envTagName string) error

ResolveEnv resolve struct field with `Env` type in struct parent and add these env entries to ctx during resolving, so later entries can rely on former entries' value

NOTE: parent should be initialized with rs.Init before calling this function


type ConfigResolvingContext

type ConfigResolvingContext interface {


	// cache fs
	ToolCacheFS(t Tool) *fshelper.OSFS
	TaskCacheFS(t Task) *fshelper.OSFS
	RendererCacheFS(name string) *fshelper.OSFS

ConfigResolvingContext interface definition for config resolving

func NewConfigResolvingContext

func NewConfigResolvingContext(
	parent context.Context,
	ifaceTypeHandler rs.InterfaceTypeHandler,
	globalEnv *GlobalEnvSet,
) ConfigResolvingContext

type Context

type Context interface {

	SetRuntimeOptions(opts RuntimeOptions)
	RunTask(ToolKey, TaskKey) error

Context for user facing tasks

type Env

type Env []*EnvEntry

Env is a list of name/value pairs (ordered)

func (Env) Clone

func (orig Env) Clone() Env

Clone makes a copy of all env values without doing BaseField initialization

type EnvEntry

type EnvEntry struct {
	rs.BaseField `yaml:"-" json:"-"`

	// Name of the entry (in other words, key)
	Name string `yaml:"name"`

	// Value associated to the name
	Value string `yaml:"value"`

EnvEntry is a single name/value pair

type EnvValues

type EnvValues interface {

	MatrixFilter() matrix.Filter

	MatrixArch() string
	MatrixKernel() string
	MatrixLibc() string

	AddEnv(override bool, env ...*EnvEntry)
	AddListEnv(env ...string)

type ExecSpecGetFunc

type ExecSpecGetFunc func(toExec []string, isFilePath bool) (env Env, cmd []string, err error)

type ExecValues

type ExecValues interface {
	SetOutputPrefix(s string)
	OutputPrefix() string

	SetTaskColors(prefixColor, outputColor termenv.Color)
	PrefixColor() termenv.Color
	OutputColor() termenv.Color

	CurrentTool() ToolKey
	CurrentTask() TaskKey

	SetTask(k ToolKey, tK TaskKey)

	TranslateANSIStream() bool
	RetainANSIStyle() bool
	ColorOutput() bool
	FailFast() bool
	ClaimWorkers(n int) int

	SetState(s TaskExecState)
	State() TaskExecState

type GlobalEnvSet added in v0.9.0

func (*GlobalEnvSet) Get added in v0.9.0

func (s *GlobalEnvSet) Get(name string) (ret tlang.LazyValueType[string], ok bool)

type GlobalEnvValues added in v0.5.1

type GlobalEnvValues interface {
	WorkDir() string
	CacheDir() string

	GitBranch() string
	GitWorkTreeClean() bool
	GitTag() string
	GitDefaultBranch() string
	GitCommit() string
	GitValues() map[string]tlang.LazyValueType[string]

	HostKernel() string
	HostKernelVersion() string
	HostArch() string
	HostOS() string
	HostOSVersion() string
	HostValues() map[string]tlang.LazyValueType[string]

type IfaceFactory added in v0.4.3

type IfaceFactory struct {
	Factories []*IfaceFactoryImpl

type IfaceFactoryFunc added in v0.4.3

type IfaceFactoryFunc func(subMatches []string) interface{}

type IfaceFactoryImpl added in v0.4.3

type IfaceFactoryImpl struct {
	// Name is the raw information about what instance we are creating
	// currently only used in json schema generation
	Name string

	Create IfaceFactoryFunc
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

type IfaceTypeKey added in v0.4.3

type IfaceTypeKey struct {
	Typ reflect.Type

type Renderer

type Renderer interface {

	// Init the renderer and add itself to the context
	Init(cacheFS *fshelper.OSFS) error

	Alias() string

	RenderYaml(rc RenderingContext, rawData interface{}, attributes []RendererAttribute) (result []byte, err error)

Renderer to handle rendering suffix

type RendererAttribute added in v0.5.0

type RendererAttribute string

type RendererCreateFunc

type RendererCreateFunc func(name string) Renderer

type RendererManager

type RendererManager interface {
	AllRenderers() map[string]Renderer
	AddRenderer(name string, renderer Renderer)

RendererManager to manage renderers

type RenderingContext

type RenderingContext interface {

	// FS returns the filesystem with cwd set to DUKKHA_WORKDIR
	FS() *fshelper.OSFS

	// AddValues will merge provided values into existing values
	AddValues(values map[string]any) error

	Env() map[string]tlang.LazyValueType[string]

	Values() map[string]any

	GlobalCacheFS(subdir string) *fshelper.OSFS

	Stdin() io.Reader
	Stdout() io.Writer
	Stderr() io.Writer
	SetStdIO(in io.Reader, out, err io.Writer)

type ReplaceEntries

type ReplaceEntries map[string]ReplaceEntry

type ReplaceEntry

type ReplaceEntry struct {
	Data []byte
	Err  error

type Resolvable added in v0.5.0

type Resolvable interface {

	// DoAfterFieldsResolved is a helper function to ensure no data race
	// The implementation MUST be safe to be used concurrently
		rc RenderingContext,
		depth int,
		resolveEnv bool,
		do func() error,
		tagNames ...string,
	) error

Resolvable represents a kind of struct that can be resolved at runtime

type RunTaskOrRunCmd

type RunTaskOrRunCmd interface{}

one of `tools.TaskExecRequest`, `[]dukkha.TaskExecSpec`

type RuntimeOptions added in v0.4.0

type RuntimeOptions struct {
	FailFast            bool
	ColorOutput         bool
	TranslateANSIStream bool
	RetainANSIStyle     bool
	Workers             int

RuntimeOptions for task execution

type Shell

type Shell interface {

	GetExecSpec(toExec []string, isFilePath bool) (env Env, cmd []string, err error)

type ShellManager

type ShellManager interface {
	AddShell(name string, impl Shell)

type ShellUser

type ShellUser interface {
	GetShell(name string) (Shell, bool)
	AllShells() map[string]Shell

type Task

type Task interface {

	// ToolKind is the tool managing this task (e.g. docker)
	ToolKind() ToolKind

	// ToolName it the name of the tool this task belongs to
	ToolName() ToolName

	// Kind of the task (e.g. build)
	Kind() TaskKind

	// Name of the task (e.g. foo)
	Name() TaskName

	// Key is the composite key of task kind and name
	Key() TaskKey

	// Init this task
	Init(cacheFS *fshelper.OSFS) error

	// GetMatrixSpecs for matrix execution
	// The implementation MUST be thread safe
	GetMatrixSpecs(rc RenderingContext) ([]matrix.Entry, error)

	// GetExecSpecs generate commands using current field values
	// The implementation MUST be thread safe
	GetExecSpecs(rc TaskExecContext, options TaskMatrixExecOptions) ([]TaskExecSpec, error)

	// GetHookExecSpecs generate hook run target
	// The implementation MUST be thread safe
	GetHookExecSpecs(rc TaskExecContext, state TaskExecStage) ([]TaskExecSpec, error)

Task implementation requirements

type TaskCreateFunc

type TaskCreateFunc func(toolName string) Task

type TaskExecContext

type TaskExecContext interface {


	DeriveNew() Context

	// WithCustomParent divert from current context.Context
	// intended to be only used for defered `after` hooks
	WithCustomParent(parent context.Context) TaskExecContext


TaskExecContext interface definition for task execution

type TaskExecOptions

type TaskExecOptions interface {
	NextMatrixExecOptions() TaskMatrixExecOptions

func CreateTaskExecOptions

func CreateTaskExecOptions(id, totalMatrix int) TaskExecOptions

type TaskExecSpec

type TaskExecSpec struct {
	// StdoutAsReplace to replace same string in following TaskExecSpecs
	// use output to stdout of this exec
	StdoutAsReplace string

	// ShowStdout when StdoutAsReplace is set
	ShowStdout bool

	FixStdoutValueForReplace func(data []byte) []byte

	// StderrAsReplace to replace same string in following TaskExecSpecs
	// use output to stderr of this exec
	StderrAsReplace string

	// ShowStderr when StderrAsReplace is set
	ShowStderr bool

	FixStderrValueForReplace func(data []byte) []byte

	Chdir string

	// EnvSuggest to provide environment variables when not set by user
	EnvSuggest Env
	// EnvOverride to override existing environment variables
	EnvOverride Env

	Command []string

	AlterExecFunc func(
		replace ReplaceEntries,
		stdin io.Reader, stdout, stderr io.Writer,
	) (RunTaskOrRunCmd, error)

	Stdin io.Reader

	// IgnoreError to ignore error generated after running this spec
	// this option applies to all sub specs (as returned in AlterExecFunc)
	IgnoreError bool

	// UseShell if true, write command to local script cache
	// and execute with the target shell (as referenced by ShellName)
	UseShell bool

	// ShellName to reference a shell to execute command
	// when `UseShell` is true
	// the availability of the shells denpends on `shells` in dukkha config
	// a special shell name is `embedded`, which will use the built-in shell
	// for command evaluation
	ShellName string

TaskExecSpec is the specification

type TaskExecStage

type TaskExecStage uint8
const (
	StageBefore TaskExecStage = iota + 1



func (TaskExecStage) String

func (s TaskExecStage) String() string

type TaskExecState added in v0.5.0

type TaskExecState int
const (
	TaskExecPending TaskExecState = iota

type TaskKey

type TaskKey struct {
	Kind TaskKind
	Name TaskName

func (TaskKey) String

func (k TaskKey) String() string

type TaskKind

type TaskKind string

type TaskManager

type TaskManager interface {
	AddToolSpecificTasks(kind ToolKind, name ToolName, tasks []Task)

type TaskMatrixExecOptions

type TaskMatrixExecOptions interface {
	ID() int

	Total() int

	Seq() int

	IsLast() bool

type TaskName

type TaskName string

type TaskUser

type TaskUser interface {
	GetToolSpecificTasks(k ToolKey) ([]Task, bool)
	AllToolSpecificTasks() map[ToolKey][]Task

type Tool

type Tool interface {

	// Kind of the tool, e.g. golang, docker
	Kind() ToolKind

	// Name of the tool, e.g. my-tool
	Name() ToolName

	// Key
	Key() ToolKey

	// GetCmd get cli command to run this tool
	GetCmd() []string

	GetTask(TaskKey) (Task, bool)

	AllTasks() map[TaskKey]Task

	Init(cacheFS *fshelper.OSFS) error

	AddTasks(tasks []Task) error

	// Run task
	Run(taskCtx TaskExecContext, tsk TaskKey) error

Tool implementation requirements

type ToolCreateFunc

type ToolCreateFunc func() Tool

type ToolKey

type ToolKey struct {
	Kind ToolKind
	Name ToolName

func (ToolKey) String

func (k ToolKey) String() string

type ToolKind

type ToolKind string

type ToolManager

type ToolManager interface {
	AddTool(k ToolKey, t Tool)

type ToolName

type ToolName string

type ToolUser

type ToolUser interface {
	AllTools() map[ToolKey]Tool
	GetTool(k ToolKey) (Tool, bool)

type TypeManager added in v0.4.3

type TypeManager struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*TypeManager) Create added in v0.4.3

func (h *TypeManager) Create(typ reflect.Type, yamlKey string) (interface{}, error)

Create implements rs.InterfaceTypeHandler

func (*TypeManager) Types added in v0.4.3

func (h *TypeManager) Types() map[IfaceTypeKey]*IfaceFactory


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