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const (
	DebugLevel   = Level("debug")
	InfoLevel    = Level("info")
	WarningLevel = Level("warning")
	ErrorLevel   = Level("error")
	FatalLevel   = Level("fatal")
	PanicLevel   = Level("panic")


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func D

func D(msg string, fields ...Field)

func E

func E(msg string, fields ...Field)

func F

func F(msg string, fields ...Field)

func I

func I(msg string, fields ...Field)

func P

func P(msg string, fields ...Field)

func Setup

func Setup(appName string, level Level)

func W

func W(msg string, fields ...Field)


type Field

type Field func(event *rz.Event)

func Bool

func Bool(key string, b bool) Field

func Bools

func Bools(key string, b []bool) Field

func Bytes

func Bytes(key string, val []byte) Field

func Caller

func Caller() Field

func Duration

func Duration(key string, d time.Duration) Field

func Durations

func Durations(key string, d []time.Duration) Field

func Err

func Err(err error) Field

func Error

func Error(key string, err error) Field

func Errors

func Errors(key string, errs []error) Field

func Float32

func Float32(key string, f float32) Field

func Float64

func Float64(key string, f float64) Field

func Floats32

func Floats32(key string, f []float32) Field

func Floats64

func Floats64(key string, f []float64) Field

func Hex

func Hex(key string, val []byte) Field

func IP

func IP(key string, ip net.IP) Field

func IPNet

func IPNet(key string, pfx net.IPNet) Field

func Int

func Int(key string, i int) Field

func Int16

func Int16(key string, i int16) Field

func Int32

func Int32(key string, i int32) Field

func Int64

func Int64(key string, i int64) Field

func Int8

func Int8(key string, i int8) Field

func Interface

func Interface(key string, i interface{}) Field

func Ints

func Ints(key string, i []int) Field

func Ints16

func Ints16(key string, i []int16) Field

func Ints32

func Ints32(key string, i []int32) Field

func Ints64

func Ints64(key string, i []int64) Field

func Ints8

func Ints8(key string, i []int8) Field

func MACAddr

func MACAddr(key string, ha net.HardwareAddr) Field

func RawJSON

func RawJSON(key string, b []byte) Field

func Stack

func Stack() Field

func String

func String(key, val string) Field

func Strings

func Strings(key string, vals []string) Field

func Time

func Time(key string, t time.Time) Field

func TimeDiff

func TimeDiff(key string, t time.Time, start time.Time) Field

func Times

func Times(key string, t []time.Time) Field

func Timestamp

func Timestamp() Field

func Uint

func Uint(key string, i uint) Field

func Uint16

func Uint16(key string, i uint16) Field

func Uint32

func Uint32(key string, i uint32) Field

func Uint64

func Uint64(key string, i uint64) Field

func Uint8

func Uint8(key string, i uint8) Field

func Uints

func Uints(key string, i []uint) Field

func Uints16

func Uints16(key string, i []uint16) Field

func Uints32

func Uints32(key string, i []uint32) Field

func Uints64

func Uints64(key string, i []uint64) Field

func Uints8

func Uints8(key string, i []uint8) Field

type Level

type Level string

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