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func Copy

func Copy(dst, src interface{})

Copy deeply copies a src structure to dst. Useful for copying request and response structures.

Can copy between structs of different type, but will only copy fields which are assignable, and exist in both structs. Fields which are not assignable, or do not exist in both structs are ignored.

func CopyOf

func CopyOf(src interface{}) (dst interface{})

CopyOf returns a copy of src while also allocating the memory for dst. src must be a pointer type or this operation will fail.

func DeepEqual

func DeepEqual(a, b interface{}) bool

DeepEqual returns if the two values are deeply equal like reflect.DeepEqual. In addition to this, this method will also dereference the input values if possible so the DeepEqual performed will not fail if one parameter is a pointer and the other is not.

DeepEqual will not perform indirection of nested values of the input parameters.

func Prettify

func Prettify(i interface{}) string

Prettify returns the string representation of a value.

func SetValueAtPath

func SetValueAtPath(i interface{}, path string, v interface{})

SetValueAtPath sets a value at the case insensitive lexical path inside of a structure.

func StringValue

func StringValue(i interface{}) string

StringValue returns the string representation of a value.

func ValuesAtPath

func ValuesAtPath(i interface{}, path string) ([]interface{}, error)

ValuesAtPath returns a list of values at the case insensitive lexical path inside of a structure.


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