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func Wait

Wait waits for a task to finish with either success or failure. It does so by waiting for the "info" property of task managed object to change. The function returns when it finds the task in the "success" or "error" state. In the former case, the return value is nil. In the latter case the return value is an instance of this package's Error struct.

Any error returned while waiting for property changes causes the function to return immediately and propagate the error.

If the progress.Sinker argument is specified, any progress updates for the task are sent here. The completion percentage is passed through directly. The detail for the progress update is set to an empty string. If the task finishes in the error state, the error instance is passed through as well. Note that this error is the same error that is returned by this function.


type Error

type Error struct {

func (Error) Error

func (e Error) Error() string

Error returns the task's localized fault message.

func (Error) Fault

func (e Error) Fault() types.BaseMethodFault

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