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const (
	Path              = "/rest/com/vmware"
	SessionPath       = "/cis/session"
	CategoryPath      = "/cis/tagging/category"
	TagPath           = "/cis/tagging/tag"
	AssociationPath   = "/cis/tagging/tag-association"
	SessionCookieName = "vmware-api-session-id"


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type AssociatedObject

type AssociatedObject struct {
	Type  string `json:"type"`
	Value string `json:"id"`

AssociatedObject is the same structure as types.ManagedObjectReference, just with a different field name (ID instead of Value). In the API we use mo.Reference, this type is only used for wire transfer.

func (AssociatedObject) Reference

Reference implements mo.Reference

type Association

type Association struct {
	ObjectID *AssociatedObject `json:"object_id,omitempty"`

Association for tag-association requests.

func NewAssociation

func NewAssociation(ref mo.Reference) Association

NewAssociation returns an Association, converting ref to an AssociatedObject.

type CloneURL

type CloneURL interface {
	URL() *url.URL

type Resource

type Resource struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Resource wraps url.URL with helpers

func URL

func URL(c CloneURL, path string) *Resource

func (*Resource) Request

func (r *Resource) Request(method string, body ...interface{}) *http.Request

Request returns a new http.Request for the given method. An optional body can be provided for POST and PATCH methods.

func (*Resource) WithAction

func (r *Resource) WithAction(action string) *Resource

WithAction sets adds action to the URL.RawQuery

func (*Resource) WithID

func (r *Resource) WithID(id string) *Resource

WithID appends id to the URL.Path

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