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func IsDeprecated

func IsDeprecated(obj runtime.Object, currentMajor, currentMinor int) bool

IsDeprecated returns true if obj implements APILifecycleDeprecated() and returns a major/minor version that is non-zero and is <= the specified current major/minor version.

func MajorMinor

func MajorMinor(v version.Info) (int, int, error)

MajorMinor parses a numeric major/minor version from the provided version info. The minor version drops all characters after the first non-digit character:

version.Info{Major:"1", Minor:"2+"} -> 1,2
version.Info{Major:"1", Minor:"2.3-build4"} -> 1,2

func RemovedRelease

func RemovedRelease(obj runtime.Object) string

RemovedRelease returns the major/minor version in which the given object is unavailable (in the form "<major>.<minor>") if the object implements APILifecycleRemoved() to indicate a non-zero removal version, and returns an empty string otherwise.

func WarningMessage

func WarningMessage(obj runtime.Object) string

WarningMessage returns a human-readable deprecation warning if the object implements APILifecycleDeprecated() to indicate a non-zero deprecated major/minor version and has a populated GetObjectKind().GroupVersionKind().


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