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func Wait

Wait creates a new WaitFilter and calls the specified function for each ObjectUpdate via WaitForUpdates

func WaitForUpdates

func WaitForUpdates(ctx context.Context, c *Collector, filter *WaitFilter, f func([]types.ObjectUpdate) bool) error

WaitForUpdates waits for any of the specified properties of the specified managed object to change. It calls the specified function for every update it receives. If this function returns false, it continues waiting for subsequent updates. If this function returns true, it stops waiting and returns.

To only receive updates for the specified managed object, the function creates a new property collector and calls CreateFilter. A new property collector is required because filters can only be added, not removed.

If the Context is canceled, a call to CancelWaitForUpdates() is made and its error value is returned. The newly created collector is destroyed before this function returns (both in case of success or error).


type Collector

type Collector struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Collector models the PropertyCollector managed object.

For more information, see:

func DefaultCollector

func DefaultCollector(c *vim25.Client) *Collector

DefaultCollector returns the session's default property collector.

func (*Collector) CancelWaitForUpdates

func (p *Collector) CancelWaitForUpdates(ctx context.Context) error

func (*Collector) Create

func (p *Collector) Create(ctx context.Context) (*Collector, error)

Create creates a new session-specific Collector that can be used to retrieve property updates independent of any other Collector.

func (*Collector) CreateFilter

func (p *Collector) CreateFilter(ctx context.Context, req types.CreateFilter) error

func (*Collector) Destroy

func (p *Collector) Destroy(ctx context.Context) error

Destroy destroys this Collector.

func (Collector) Reference

func (p Collector) Reference() types.ManagedObjectReference

func (*Collector) Retrieve

func (p *Collector) Retrieve(ctx context.Context, objs []types.ManagedObjectReference, ps []string, dst interface{}) error

Retrieve loads properties for a slice of managed objects. The dst argument must be a pointer to a []interface{}, which is populated with the instances of the specified managed objects, with the relevant properties filled in. If the properties slice is nil, all properties are loaded. Note that pointer types are optional fields that may be left as a nil value. The caller should check such fields for a nil value before dereferencing.

func (*Collector) RetrieveOne

func (p *Collector) RetrieveOne(ctx context.Context, obj types.ManagedObjectReference, ps []string, dst interface{}) error

RetrieveOne calls Retrieve with a single managed object reference via Collector.Retrieve().

func (*Collector) RetrieveProperties

func (*Collector) RetrieveWithFilter

func (p *Collector) RetrieveWithFilter(ctx context.Context, objs []types.ManagedObjectReference, ps []string, dst interface{}, filter Filter) error

RetrieveWithFilter populates dst as Retrieve does, but only for entities matching the given filter.

func (*Collector) WaitForUpdates

func (p *Collector) WaitForUpdates(ctx context.Context, v string) (*types.UpdateSet, error)

type Filter

type Filter map[string]types.AnyType

Filter provides methods for matching against types.DynamicProperty

func (Filter) Keys

func (f Filter) Keys() []string

Keys returns the Filter map keys as a []string

func (Filter) MatchObjectContent

func (f Filter) MatchObjectContent(objects []types.ObjectContent) []types.ManagedObjectReference

MatchObjectContent returns a list of ObjectContent.Obj where the ObjectContent.PropSet matches the Filter.

func (Filter) MatchProperty

func (f Filter) MatchProperty(prop types.DynamicProperty) bool

MatchProperty returns true if a Filter entry matches the given prop.

func (Filter) MatchPropertyList

func (f Filter) MatchPropertyList(props []types.DynamicProperty) bool

MatchPropertyList returns true if all given props match the Filter.

type WaitFilter

type WaitFilter struct {
	Options *types.WaitOptions

WaitFilter provides helpers to construct a types.CreateFilter for use with property.Wait

func (*WaitFilter) Add

Add a new ObjectSpec and PropertySpec to the WaitFilter

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