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type BackoffResetCallback

type BackoffResetCallback func(key interface{})

type BackoffStartCallback

type BackoffStartCallback func(key interface{}, err error)

type Cache

type Cache struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewCache

func NewCache() *Cache

func (*Cache) Delete

func (r *Cache) Delete(key interface{})

func (*Cache) Freeze

func (r *Cache) Freeze(key interface{}, freeze bool)

Freeze object with key in old cache

func (*Cache) Get

func (r *Cache) Get(key interface{}) (old, latest interface{})

func (*Cache) Update

func (r *Cache) Update(key interface{}, old, latest interface{})

type CompareObjectHandleFunc

type CompareObjectHandleFunc func(oldObj, newObj interface{}) *Result

type Core

type Core struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewCore

func NewCore(ctx context.Context, resolvedOpts *Options) *Core

func (*Core) CancelSchedule

func (c *Core) CancelSchedule(job queue.Job) bool

func (*Core) Reconcile

func (c *Core) Reconcile(stop <-chan struct{})

Reconcile jobs until stop released

func (*Core) Schedule

func (c *Core) Schedule(job queue.Job, delay time.Duration) error

func (*Core) Start

func (c *Core) Start() error

Start handling of delayed jobs

type HandleFuncs

type HandleFuncs struct {
	OnAdded    SingleObjectHandleFunc
	OnUpdated  CompareObjectHandleFunc
	OnDeleting SingleObjectHandleFunc
	OnDeleted  SingleObjectHandleFunc

func (*HandleFuncs) ResolveNil

func (h *HandleFuncs) ResolveNil() *HandleFuncs

type Interface

type Interface interface {
	Start() error
	ReconcileUntil(stop <-chan struct{})
	Schedule(job queue.Job, delay time.Duration) error
	CancelSchedule(job queue.Job) bool

type Options

type Options struct {
	Logger          log.Interface
	BackoffStrategy *backoff.Strategy
	Workers         int
	RequireCache    bool
	Handlers        HandleFuncs
	OnBackoffStart  BackoffStartCallback
	OnBackoffReset  BackoffResetCallback

func (Options) ResolveNil

func (o Options) ResolveNil() *Options

type Result

type Result struct {
	NextAction    queue.JobAction
	ScheduleAfter time.Duration
	Err           error

type SingleObjectHandleFunc

type SingleObjectHandleFunc func(obj interface{}) *Result

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