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func FlagsForServer

func FlagsForServer(prefix string, config *ServerConfig) *pflag.FlagSet

func ReadConfig

func ReadConfig(
	cmd *cobra.Command,
	configFile *string,
	cliLogConfig *log.Config,
	config *Config,
) (context.Context, error)


type APIConfig

type APIConfig struct {
	BaseURL    string `json:"baseURL" yaml:"baseURL"`
	OAuthToken string `json:"oauthToken" yaml:"oauthToken"`

	Client HTTPClientConfig `json:"client" yaml:"client"`

type Config

type Config struct {
	Server ServerConfig `json:"server" yaml:"server"`

	GitHub []PlatformConfig `json:"github" yaml:"github"`
	GitLab []PlatformConfig `json:"gitlab" yaml:"gitlab"`

type GitConfig

type GitConfig struct {
	User  string `json:"user" yaml:"user"`
	Email string `json:"email" yaml:"email"`

type HTTPClientConfig

type HTTPClientConfig struct {
	Proxy *HTTPProxyConfig    `json:"proxy" yaml:"proxy"`
	TLS   tlshelper.TLSConfig `json:"tls" yaml:"tls"`

func (*HTTPClientConfig) NewClient

func (c *HTTPClientConfig) NewClient() (*http.Client, error)

type HTTPProxyConfig

type HTTPProxyConfig struct {
	HTTP    string `json:"http" yaml:"http"`
	HTTPS   string `json:"https" yaml:"https"`
	NoProxy string `json:"noProxy" yaml:"noProxy"`
	CGI     bool   `json:"cgi" yaml:"cgi"`

type KubernetesExecutorConfig

type KubernetesExecutorConfig struct {
	KubeClient kubehelper.KubeClientConfig `json:"kubeClient" yaml:"kubeClient"`

	// JobTTL delete after specified time period
	JobTTL time.Duration `json:"jobTTL" yaml:"jobTTL"`

	RenovateImage           string `json:"renovateImage" yaml:"renovateImage"`
	RenovateImagePullPolicy string `json:"renovateImagePullPolicy" yaml:"renovateImagePullPolicy"`

type PlatformConfig

type PlatformConfig struct {
	API     APIConfig     `json:"api" yaml:"api"`
	Git     GitConfig     `json:"git" yaml:"git"`
	Webhook WebhookConfig `json:"webhook" yaml:"webhook"`

	DashboardIssueTitle   string `json:"dashboardIssueTitle" yaml:"dashboardIssueTitle"`
	DisabledRepoNameMatch string `json:"disabledRepoNameMatch" yaml:"disabledRepoNameMatch"`

	Projects []ProjectConfig `json:"projects" yaml:"projects"`

type ProjectConfig

type ProjectConfig struct {
	// Name of the project (repo name)
	Name string `json:"name" yaml:"name"`
	// override default dashboard issue title
	DashboardIssueTitle string `json:"dashboardIssueTitle" yaml:"dashboardIssueTitle"`

	// Disabled indicates whether this project should not be checked by renovate
	Disabled bool `json:"disabled" yaml:"disabled"`

type ServerConfig

type ServerConfig struct {
	Log log.ConfigSet `json:"log" yaml:"log"`

	Webhook struct {
		Listen string              `json:"listen" yaml:"listen"`
		TLS    tlshelper.TLSConfig `json:"tls" yaml:"tls"`
	} `json:"webhook" yaml:"webhook"`

	Scheduling struct {
		// Delay period for webhook event
		Delay time.Duration `json:"delay" yaml:"delay"`

		// CronTabs is the crontab string array to schedule renovate periodically
		CronTabs []string `json:"cronTabs" yaml:"cronTabs"`
		// Timezone
		Timezone string `json:"timezone" yaml:"timezone"`
	} `json:"scheduling" yaml:"scheduling"`

	Executor struct {
		Kubernetes *KubernetesExecutorConfig `json:"kubernetes" yaml:"kubernetes"`
	} `json:"executor" yaml:"executor"`

type WebhookConfig

type WebhookConfig struct {
	Path   string `json:"path" yaml:"path"`
	Secret string `json:"secret" yaml:"secret"`

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