Package jobopts contains shared options for job submission. These options are exposed to allow user code to inspect and modify them.



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    var (
    	// Endpoint is the job service endpoint.
    	Endpoint = flag.String("endpoint", "", "Job service endpoint (required).")
    	// JobName is the name of the job.
    	JobName = flag.String("job_name", "", "Job name (optional).")
    	// EnvironmentType is the environment type to run the user code.
    	EnvironmentType = flag.String("environment_type", "DOCKER",
    		"Environment Type. Possible options are DOCKER, and LOOPBACK.")
    	// EnvironmentConfig is the environment configuration for running the user code.
    	EnvironmentConfig = flag.String("environment_config",
    		"Set environment configuration for running the user code.\n"+
    			"For DOCKER: Url for the docker image.\n"+
    			"For PROCESS: json of the form {\"os\": \"<OS>\", "+
    			"\"arch\": \"<ARCHITECTURE>\", \"command\": \"<process to execute>\", "+
    			"\"env\":{\"<Environment variables 1>\": \"<ENV_VAL>\"} }. "+
    			"All fields in the json are optional except command.")
    	// WorkerBinary is the location of the compiled worker binary. If not
    	// specified, the binary is produced via go build.
    	WorkerBinary = flag.String("worker_binary", "", "Worker binary (optional)")
    	// Experiments toggle experimental features in the runner.
    	Experiments = flag.String("experiments", "", "Comma-separated list of experiments (optional).")
    	// Async determines whether to wait for job completion.
    	Async = flag.Bool("async", false, "Do not wait for job completion.")
    	// Strict mode applies additional validation to user pipelines before
    	// executing them and fails early if the pipelines don't pass.
    	Strict = flag.Bool("beam_strict", false, "Apply additional validation to pipelines.")
    	// Flag to retain docker containers created by the runner. If false, then
    	// containers are deleted once the job ends, even if it failed.
    	RetainDockerContainers = flag.Bool("retain_docker_containers", false, "Retain Docker containers created by the runner.")


    func GetEndpoint

    func GetEndpoint() (string, error)

      GetEndpoint returns the endpoint, if non empty and exits otherwise. Runners such as Dataflow set a reasonable default. Convenience function.

      func GetEnvironmentConfig

      func GetEnvironmentConfig(ctx context.Context) string

        GetEnvironmentConfig returns the specified configuration for specified SDK Harness, if not present, the default development container for the current user. Convenience function.

        func GetEnvironmentUrn

        func GetEnvironmentUrn(ctx context.Context) string

          GetEnvironmentUrn returns the specified EnvironmentUrn used to run the SDK Harness, if not present, returns the docker environment urn "beam:env:docker:v1". Convenience function.

          func GetExperiments

          func GetExperiments() []string

            GetExperiments returns the experiments.

            func GetJobName

            func GetJobName() string

              GetJobName returns the specified job name or, if not present, a fresh autogenerated name. Convenience function.

              func IsLoopback

              func IsLoopback() bool

                IsLoopback returns whether the EnvironmentType is loopback.


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