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func AddFakeImpulses

func AddFakeImpulses(p *pipepb.Pipeline)

AddFakeImpulses adds an impulse transform as the producer for each input to the root transform. Inputs need producers to form a correct pipeline.

func AddNamespace

func AddNamespace(t *pipepb.PTransform, c *pipepb.Components, namespace string)

func Expand

func Expand(ctx context.Context, req *jobpb.ExpansionRequest, expansionAddr string) (*jobpb.ExpansionResponse, error)

Expand queries the expansion service to resolve the ExpansionRequest

func MergeExpandedWithPipeline

func MergeExpandedWithPipeline(edges []*graph.MultiEdge, p *pipepb.Pipeline)

MergeExpandedWithPipeline adds expanded components of all ExternalTransforms to the exisiting pipeline

func PurgeOutputInput

func PurgeOutputInput(edges []*graph.MultiEdge, p *pipepb.Pipeline)

PurgeOutputInput remaps outputs from edge corresponding to an ExternalTransform with the correct expanded outputs. All consumers of the previous outputs are updated with new inputs.

func RemoveFakeImpulses

func RemoveFakeImpulses(c *pipepb.Components, ext *pipepb.PTransform)

RemoveFakeImpulses removes each fake impulse per input to the the transform. Multiple producers for one Input cannot be present.

func ResolveArtifacts

func ResolveArtifacts(ctx context.Context, edges []*graph.MultiEdge, p *pipepb.Pipeline)

ResolveArtifacts acquires all dependencies for a cross-language transform

func ResolveOutputIsBounded

func ResolveOutputIsBounded(e *graph.MultiEdge, isBoundedUpdater func(*graph.Node, bool))

ResolveOutputIsBounded updates each Output node with respect to the received expanded components to reflect if it is bounded or not

func VerifyNamedOutputs

func VerifyNamedOutputs(ext *graph.ExternalTransform)

VerifyNamedOutputs ensures the expanded outputs correspond to the correct and expected named outputs


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