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Published: Apr 19, 2024 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 3 Imported by: 1



operation a serializable operation that can be appended to IPFS log



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type OpDoc added in v1.12.0

type OpDoc interface {
	GetKey() string
	GetValue() []byte

func NewOpDoc added in v1.12.0

func NewOpDoc(key string, value []byte) OpDoc

type Operation

type Operation interface {
	// GetKey Gets a key if applicable (ie. key value stores)
	GetKey() *string

	// GetOperation Returns an operation name (ie. append, put, remove)
	GetOperation() string

	// GetValue Returns the operation payload
	GetValue() []byte

	// GetEntry Gets the underlying IPFS log Entry
	GetEntry() ipfslog.Entry

	// GetDocs Gets the list of documents
	GetDocs() []OpDoc

	// Marshal Serializes the operation
	Marshal() ([]byte, error)

Operation Describe an CRDT operation

func NewOperation

func NewOperation(key *string, op string, value []byte) Operation

NewOperation Creates a new operation

func NewOperationWithDocuments added in v1.12.0

func NewOperationWithDocuments(key *string, op string, docs map[string][]byte) Operation

NewOperationWithDocuments Creates a new operation from a map of batched documents

func ParseOperation

func ParseOperation(e ipfslog.Entry) (Operation, error)

ParseOperation Gets the operation from an entry

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