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type ChannelProvider

type ChannelProvider struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ChannelProvider keeps context across ChannelService instances.

TODO: add listener for channel config changes. Upon channel config change, underlying channel services need to recreate their channel clients.

func New

func New(infraProvider fab.InfraProvider) (*ChannelProvider, error)

New creates a ChannelProvider based on a context

func (*ChannelProvider) ChannelService

func (cp *ChannelProvider) ChannelService(ctx fab.ClientContext, channelID string) (fab.ChannelService, error)

ChannelService creates a ChannelService for an identity

type ChannelService

type ChannelService struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ChannelService provides Channel clients and maintains contexts for them. the identity context is used

TODO: add cache for channel rather than reconstructing each time.

func (*ChannelService) ChannelConfig

func (cs *ChannelService) ChannelConfig() (fab.ChannelCfg, error)

ChannelConfig returns the channel config for this channel

func (*ChannelService) Config

func (cs *ChannelService) Config() (fab.ChannelConfig, error)

Config returns the Config for the named channel

func (*ChannelService) EventService

func (cs *ChannelService) EventService() (fab.EventService, error)

EventService returns the EventService.

func (*ChannelService) Membership

func (cs *ChannelService) Membership() (fab.ChannelMembership, error)

Membership returns the member identifier for this channel

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