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Published: Feb 26, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


func Listen

func Listen(socket net.Listener, driver Driver, ipamDriver ipamapi.Ipam) error

type Driver

type Driver interface {
	GetCapabilities() (*api.GetCapabilityResponse, error)
	CreateNetwork(create *api.CreateNetworkRequest) error
	DeleteNetwork(delete *api.DeleteNetworkRequest) error
	CreateEndpoint(create *api.CreateEndpointRequest) (*api.CreateEndpointResponse, error)
	DeleteEndpoint(delete *api.DeleteEndpointRequest) error
	EndpointInfo(req *api.EndpointInfoRequest) (*api.EndpointInfoResponse, error)
	JoinEndpoint(j *api.JoinRequest) (response *api.JoinResponse, error error)
	NetworkAllocate(*api.AllocateNetworkRequest) (*api.AllocateNetworkResponse, error)
	NetworkFree(*api.FreeNetworkRequest) (*api.FreeNetworkResponse, error)
	LeaveEndpoint(leave *api.LeaveRequest) error
	DiscoverNew(discover *api.DiscoveryNotification) error
	DiscoverDelete(delete *api.DiscoveryNotification) error

type IpamCapability

type IpamCapability interface {
	GetCapabilities() (RequiresMACAddress bool, RequiresRequestReplay bool, err error)

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