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Published: May 1, 2020 | License: MIT | Module:


type DSUMiddleware

type DSUMiddleware struct {
	Xodb pgsqldriver.XODB

DSUMiddleware is a gin middleware for handling DSU data requests.

func (*DSUMiddleware) DeleteDataPointsHandler

func (dsu *DSUMiddleware) DeleteDataPointsHandler(c *gin.Context)

DeleteDataPointsHandler deletes a datapoint

func (*DSUMiddleware) GetDataPointsHandler

func (dsu *DSUMiddleware) GetDataPointsHandler(c *gin.Context)

GetDataPointsHandler returns a single datapoint identified in the id parameter

func (*DSUMiddleware) PostDataPointsHandler

func (dsu *DSUMiddleware) PostDataPointsHandler(c *gin.Context)

PostDataPointsHandler saves a omh.DataPoint.

func (*DSUMiddleware) PutDataPointsHandler

func (dsu *DSUMiddleware) PutDataPointsHandler(c *gin.Context)

UpdateDataPointsHandler deletes a datapoint

func (*DSUMiddleware) QueryDataPointsHandler

func (dsu *DSUMiddleware) QueryDataPointsHandler(c *gin.Context)

QueryDataPointsHandler queries for datapoints

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