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tldr in golang

TLDR pages - Simplified and community-driven man pages



go get -u


Building and Build Requirements


The build script will compile and compress all the binaries. Currently just darwin, linux, and windows.

To a build a specific platform version run the below commands. Make sure to replace [platform] with the desired operating system to build the executable for.

Supported Go build platforms and architectures can be found here;

It is not necessary to run upx but it greatly reduces executable size.

GOOS=[platform] GOARCH=amd64 go build -ldflags="-s -w" -o tldr
upx --brute tldr # executable compression


  -c page
      clear cache for a tldr page
      page -- Use `clearall` to clear entire cache
      -p is required if clearing cache for a specific platform
  -debug string
      enables debug logging (default "disable")
  -p platform
      platform of the tldr page
      platform -- common, linux, osx, sunos, windows (default "common")
View a tldr
tldr <page>
View a tldr for a specific platform
tldr -p osx <page>
Clear a tldr
tldr -c <page>
Clear a tldr for a specific platform
tldr -c <page> -p osx
Clear entire cache
tldr -c clearall


A configuration is created the first time tldr is run.

The configuration is located at;


Pages repository URI, Zip URI, and all of the output colors are configurable.

Below is the default configuration.

"pages_uri": "",
"zip_uri": "",
"banner_color_1": 36,
"banner_color_2": 34,
"tldr_color": 97,
"header_color": 34,
"header_decor_color": 97,
"platform_color": 90,
"description_color": 0,
"example_color": 36,
"hypen_color": 0,
"syntax_color": 31,
"variable_color": 0

If plain (default) terminal text is desired set all color options to 0.

pages_uri and zip_uri when left blank will use the official TLDR locations.

These can be used to test pages from a custom repository or any zip collection that follows the official TLDR directory format and file specification.



To reset the configuration back to its defaults delete config.json and it will be recreated. Or copy and paste the configuration from this README above.


MIT License


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