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Package gcp provides helper functions for connecting to the Cloud DNS API and for handling Cloud DNS-specific data types



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func FilterRRSets

func FilterRRSets(rrsets []*clouddns.ResourceRecordSet, fqdn string) []*clouddns.ResourceRecordSet

FilterRRSets removes resource record sets that must not be managed by dns-tools from a list. This is a safeguard.

func FormatRRSets

func FormatRRSets(rrsets []*clouddns.ResourceRecordSet) []string

FormatRRSets formats a resource record set in a human readable way and returns a slice of strings that can be used for printing to screen or log

func GetDNSService

func GetDNSService(gcpSAFile string, readonly bool) (*clouddns.Service, string, error)

GetDNSService creates a CloudDNS API service from a service account file

func RRDBRecordsToCloudDNSRecords

func RRDBRecordsToCloudDNSRecords(in []*rrdb.Record) []*clouddns.ResourceRecordSet

RRDBRecordsToCloudDNSRecords converts RRDB records to CloudDNS records (type: ResourceRecordSet)

func RemoveDuplicatesFromChange

func RemoveDuplicatesFromChange(change *clouddns.Change)

RemoveDuplicatesFromChange compresses a CloudDNS change by removing deletions and additions that would cancel each other out


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