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Package lib provides a library of commonly used functions for dns-tools



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func IsValidFQDN

func IsValidFQDN(fqdn string) error

IsValidFQDN validates a string that contains a fully qualified domain name

func IsValidIPv4

func IsValidIPv4(address string) error

IsValidIPv4 validates a string that contains an IPv4 address

func IsValidIPv6

func IsValidIPv6(address string) error

IsValidIPv6 validates a string that contains an IPv6 address

func IsValidTTL

func IsValidTTL(ttl int) error

IsValidTTL validates an integer for an acceptable DNS Time To Live value

func Lookup

func Lookup(fqdn, rtype string) ([]string, error)

Lookup looks up a resource record and returns the associated data as a string slice. It is very fast but not very precise, e.g. with CNAME records and on some systems with NS records, the results my vary. Critics may even find a way to blame systemd for this ;) related:

func MakeFQDN

func MakeFQDN(name, zone string) string

MakeFQDN creafts a fully qualified domain name from a name and a zone.

func RDatasEqual

func RDatasEqual(a, b []string) bool

RDatasEqual compares two unsorted slices of resource record data and returns true if their contents are the same

func TextToQuotedStrings

func TextToQuotedStrings(s string) string

TextToQuotedStrings prepares a text for usage in a TXT record where space separated strings are quoted


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