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blobpush is a small tool to fill the blobstore table in the database.
See blobstore.sql for the schema definition.


go get -u -v

Place the resulting blobpush binary into your PATH.


blobpush --help
Usage of blobpush:
  -d string
       database name (default "blids")
  -h string
       database host (default "localhost")
  -p uint
       database port (default 5432)
  -pw string
       database password
  -ssl string
       Use SSL for connection (default "require")
  -u string
       database user (default "postgres")
        Print version and exit

Example usage:

blobpush -pw 'SECRET' -d kugelblitz ../my/special/image.png clowns/me.png

The first argument is the path to the file to be uploaded. The second argument is the name in the database. If the second argument is omitted the basename of the file is used as resulting name.
You can upload more than one file by given pairs of file names and resulting names.
Files with the same resulting name already in the database will be overwritten.

The uploaded file can be fetched from a running kugelblitz server with the /content controller.

wget http://localhost:5000/content/clowns/me.png

The content controller caches the most recently used files for better serving performance. To force the controller to load the data from the database again add ?cache=fresh to the request above. Only use this during development!

wget http://localhost:5000/content/clowns/me.png?cache=fresh

To check with the database:

SELECT mimetype, length(data) FROM blobstore WHERE name = 'clowns/me.png';


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