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type Config

type Config struct {
	AuthFilters []*HandlerConfig `mapstructure:"authFilters" yaml:"authFilters"`
	Decorators  []*HandlerConfig `mapstructure:"decorators" yaml:"decorators"`
	Endorsers   PluginMapping    `mapstructure:"endorsers" yaml:"endorsers"`
	Validators  PluginMapping    `mapstructure:"validators" yaml:"validators"`

    Config configures the factory methods and plugins for the registry

    type HandlerConfig

    type HandlerConfig struct {
    	Name    string `mapstructure:"name" yaml:"name"`
    	Library string `mapstructure:"library" yaml:"library"`

      HandlerConfig defines configuration for a plugin or compiled handler

      type HandlerLibrary

      type HandlerLibrary struct {

        HandlerLibrary is used to assert how to create the various handlers

        func (*HandlerLibrary) DefaultAuth

        func (r *HandlerLibrary) DefaultAuth() auth.Filter

          DefaultAuth creates a default auth.Filter that doesn't do any access control checks - simply forwards the request further. It needs to be initialized via a call to Init() and be passed a peer.EndorserServer

          func (*HandlerLibrary) DefaultDecorator

          func (r *HandlerLibrary) DefaultDecorator() decoration.Decorator

            DefaultDecorator creates a default decorator that doesn't do anything with the input, simply returns the input as output.

            func (*HandlerLibrary) DefaultEndorsement

            func (r *HandlerLibrary) DefaultEndorsement() endorsement.PluginFactory

            func (*HandlerLibrary) DefaultValidation

            func (r *HandlerLibrary) DefaultValidation() validation.PluginFactory

            func (*HandlerLibrary) ExpirationCheck

            func (r *HandlerLibrary) ExpirationCheck() auth.Filter

              ExpirationCheck is an auth filter which blocks requests from identities with expired x509 certificates

              type HandlerType

              type HandlerType int

                HandlerType defines custom handlers that can filter and mutate objects passing within the peer

                const (
                	// Auth handler - reject or forward proposals from clients
                	Auth HandlerType = iota
                	// Decoration handler - append or mutate the chaincode input
                	// passed to the chaincode

                type PluginMapping

                type PluginMapping map[string]*HandlerConfig

                type Registry

                type Registry interface {
                	// Lookup returns a handler with a given
                	// registered name, or nil if does not exist
                	Lookup(HandlerType) interface{}

                  Registry defines an object that looks up handlers by name

                  func InitRegistry

                  func InitRegistry(c Config) Registry

                    InitRegistry creates the (only) instance of the registry