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const (

	// DefaultPoolSize is the default size of the worker pool
	DefaultPoolSize = 5

	// DefaultPoolMaxPending is the default number of requests that can be
	// pending
	DefaultPoolMaxPending = 5

	// DefaultPoolMaxPendingDuration is the default max pending duration for a
	// a request
	DefaultPoolMaxPendingDuration = time.Second

	// DefaultMaxPurgeJobs is the default maxiumum number of purge jobs
	DefaultMaxPurgeJobs = 1

	// DefaultPurgeBatchSize is the default number of process that are purged
	// in one batch
	DefaultPurgeBatchSize = 200


This section is empty.


func AccountAccept

func AccountAccept(
	accountStorage storage.AccountStorage, accountID api.UUID,
	serverCert *x509.Certificate, serverKey interface{},
	expire time.Time,
) (api.Account, error)

AccountAccept accepts a pending account request; a certificate is generated from the CSR.

func AccountReject

func AccountReject(
	accountStorage storage.AccountStorage, accountID api.UUID,
) (api.Account, error)

AccountReject rejects a pending account request.

func HasPendingCSR

func HasPendingCSR(account api.Account) bool

HasPendingCSR returns true if the given account has a CSR pending


type Options

type Options struct {

	PoolSize               uint
	PoolMaxPending         uint
	PoolMaxPendingDuration time.Duration

	PurgeBatchSize int

	ServerCert *x509.Certificate
	ServerKey  interface{}

	MaxPurgeJobs int

	PipelineManager *pipeline.Manager
	ProcessManager  *process.Manager
	ProcessStorage  storage.ProcessStorage
	AccountStorage  storage.AccountStorage
	PasswordStorage storage.PasswordStorage
	ActorStorage    storage.ActorStorage
	EnvelopeStorage storage.EnvelopeStorage
	LogStorage      storage.LogStorage
	JobStorage      storage.JobStorage

Options for the Service

type Service

type Service struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Service provides an api for administrators

func NewService

func NewService(o Options) *Service

NewService instanciate a Service

func (*Service) Shutdown

func (s *Service) Shutdown() error

Shutdown stops the workers

func (*Service) Startup

func (s *Service) Startup() error

Startup starts the service

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