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const (
	HttpProblemDefaultType     = "about:blank" // It should be URI
	HttpProblemErrorTypePrefix = ""



func IsEventStream

func IsEventStream(r *http.Request) bool

    IsEventStream checks request header accept is text/event-stream

    func MustWriteJSON

    func MustWriteJSON(w http.ResponseWriter, code int, v interface{})

      MustWriteJSON writes the value or an error of it to the http response as json

      func ProblemTypeByCode

      func ProblemTypeByCode(code uint) string

      func StatusCode

      func StatusCode(err error) int

      func WriteJSON

      func WriteJSON(w http.ResponseWriter, code int, v interface{}) error

        WriteJSON writes the value v to the http response as json encoding

        func WriteJSONError

        func WriteJSONError(w http.ResponseWriter, err error)

          WriteJSONError writes the error to the http response as json encoding


          type HALResource

          type HALResource interface {
          	Resource() *hal.Resource

          type Problem

          type Problem struct {
          	// "type" (string) - A URI reference [RFC3986] that identifies the
          	// problem type.  This specification encourages that, when
          	// dereferenced, it provide human-readable documentation for the
          	// problem type (e.g., using HTML [W3C.REC-html5-20141028]).  When
          	// this member is not present, its value is assumed to be
          	// "about:blank".
          	Type string `json:"type"`
          	//"title" (string) - A short, human-readable summary of the problem
          	//type.  It SHOULD NOT change from occurrence to occurrence of the
          	//problem, except for purposes of localization (e.g., using
          	//proactive content negotiation; see [RFC7231], Section 3.4).
          	Title string `json:"title"`
          	//"status" (number) - The HTTP status code ([RFC7231], Section 6)
          	//generated by the origin server for this occurrence of the problem.
          	Status int `json:"status,omitempty"`
          	//"detail" (string) - A human-readable explanation specific to this
          	//occurrence of the problem.
          	Detail string `json:"detail,omitempty"`
          	//"instance" (string) - A URI reference that identifies the specific
          	//occurrence of the problem.  It may or may not yield further
          	//information if dereferenced.
          	Instance string `json:"instance,omitempty"`

          func NewDetailedStatusProblem

          func NewDetailedStatusProblem(status int, detail string) Problem

          func NewErrorProblem

          func NewErrorProblem(err error, status int) Problem

          func NewProblem

          func NewProblem(problemType string, title string) Problem

          func NewStatusProblem

          func NewStatusProblem(status int) Problem

          func (Problem) SetDetail

          func (p Problem) SetDetail(detail string) Problem

          func (Problem) SetInstance

          func (p Problem) SetInstance(instance string) Problem

          func (Problem) SetStatus

          func (p Problem) SetStatus(status int) Problem

          type ResponseWriterInterceptor

          type ResponseWriterInterceptor struct {
          	// contains filtered or unexported fields

            Create our own ResponseWriterInterceptor to wrap a standard http.ResponseWriter so we can store the status code.

            func NewResponseWriterInterceptor

            func NewResponseWriterInterceptor(w http.ResponseWriter, writer io.Writer) *ResponseWriterInterceptor

            func (ResponseWriterInterceptor) Header

              Satisfy the http.ResponseWriter interface

              func (ResponseWriterInterceptor) StatusCode

              func (w ResponseWriterInterceptor) StatusCode() int

              func (ResponseWriterInterceptor) Write

              func (w ResponseWriterInterceptor) Write(data []byte) (int, error)

              func (*ResponseWriterInterceptor) WriteHeader

              func (w *ResponseWriterInterceptor) WriteHeader(statusCode int)

              func (ResponseWriterInterceptor) WriteHeaderToOrigin

              func (w ResponseWriterInterceptor) WriteHeaderToOrigin(statusCode int)

              func (ResponseWriterInterceptor) WriteToOrigin

              func (w ResponseWriterInterceptor) WriteToOrigin(data []byte) (int, error)