Package args contains the logic for assembling all data required for creating an individual task request.



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    type Generator

    type Generator struct {
    	// Invocation describes test harness-level data and metadata.
    	Invocation *steps.EnumerationResponse_AutotestInvocation
    	// Params describes scheduling parameters and task-level metadata.
    	Params *test_platform.Request_Params
    	// WorkerConfig describes the skylab_swarming_worker-specific environment.
    	WorkerConfig *config.Config_SkylabWorker
    	// ParentTaskID is the Swarming ID of the CTP task.
    	ParentTaskID string
    	// ParentBuildID is the Buildbucket ID of the CTP build.
    	ParentBuildID int64
    	// ParentRequestUID is the UID of the CTP request which kicked off this
    	// test run. This is needed for the analytics usage. Test execution
    	// does not require this parameter.
    	ParentRequestUID string
    	Deadline         time.Time
    	// PubSub channel to send test_runner status updates.
    	StatusUpdateChannel *config.Config_PubSub

      Generator defines the set of inputs for creating a request.Args object.

      func (*Generator) CheckConsistency

      func (g *Generator) CheckConsistency() error

        CheckConsistency checks the internal consistency of the various inputs to the argument generation logic.

        func (*Generator) GenerateArgs

        func (g *Generator) GenerateArgs(ctx context.Context) (request.Args, error)

          GenerateArgs generates request.Args, combining all the inputs to argsGenerator.