Package recipe formulates buildbucket requests for the cros_test_platform recipe, given arguments from the skylab tool.



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    func NewTestPlanForAutotestTests

    func NewTestPlanForAutotestTests(autotestArgs string, testNames ...string) *test_platform.Request_TestPlan

      NewTestPlanForAutotestTests returns a test plan consisting of the given named autotest tests.

      func NewTestPlanForSuites

      func NewTestPlanForSuites(suiteNames ...string) *test_platform.Request_TestPlan

        NewTestPlanForSuites returns a test plan consisting of the given named suites.


        type Args

        type Args struct {
        	TestPlan *test_platform.Request_TestPlan
        	Model string
        	// This Image argument is interpreted as a ChromeOS image version, and used
        	// to construct both a provisionable dimension and test metadata url.
        	Image string
        	Board string
        	// Pool specifies the device pool to use. For managed pools, it can be
        	// specified as a fully qualified name (e.g. "MANAGED_POOL_CQ"), a skylab
        	// pool label value (e.g. "DUT_POOL_CQ"), or an autotest-style short name
        	// (e.g. "cq"). If it doesn't match a managed pool in any of these forms,
        	// then it will be mapped to an unmanaged pool.
        	Pool                       string
        	QuotaAccount               string
        	Timeout                    time.Duration
        	Keyvals                    map[string]string
        	FreeformSwarmingDimensions []string
        	AutotestTestArgs           string
        	MaxRetries                 int
        	Priority                   int64
        	Tags                       []string
        	ProvisionLabels            []string
        	UploadCrashes              bool

          Args defines the arguments used to construct a cros_test_platform request.

          func (*Args) TestPlatformRequest

          func (a *Args) TestPlatformRequest() (*test_platform.Request, error)

            TestPlatformRequest constructs a cros_test_platform.Request from Args.

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