Path Synopsis
bqschema/buildevent Package buildevent defines BigQuery schemas and table definitions to use for build events.
cipd Package cipd is an internal CIPD tool wrapper.
cookiefile Package cookiefile implements a CookieJar over a standard Netscape/curl format cookie file.
grpcclient Package grpcclient provides a common configuration for specifying clients of grpc services.
infraenv Package infraenv enables applications to access Chrome Infrastructure-specific bot parameters.
lro Package lro provides a universal implementation of longrunning.OperationsServer, and helper functions for dealing with long-running operations.
skylab/autotest/dynamicsuite Package dynamicsuite provides a library to create control.cros_test_platform suite requests that inject arbitrary arguments into autotest.dynamic_suite.reimage_and_run(...).
skylab/autotest/hostinfo Package hostinfo provides support for Autotest's serialized hostinfo data.
skylab/autotest/proxy Package proxy provides a library to create swarming requests for an autotest-swarming-proxy task.
skylab/cloudkms Package cloudkms implements decryption of Cloud KMS encrypted ciphertext.
skylab/common/errctx Package errctx provides implementations of context.Context that allow for cancellation or deadline expiration with custom error messages.
skylab/dutstate Package dutstate provides utils related to the DUT state cache file and the autotest host info file.
skylab/inventory Package inventory implements Skylab inventory stuff.
skylab/inventory/autotest/labels Package labels implements conversion of Skylab inventory schema to Autotest labels.
skylab/inventory/swarming Package swarming implements conversion of Skylab inventory schema to Swarming dimensions.
skylab/request Package request provides a library to create swarming requests based on skylab test or task parameters.
skylab/sideeffects Package sideeffects implements the validation of side effects configuration.
skylab/swarming Package swarming implements a client for creating skylab-swarming tasks and getting their results.
skylab/worker Package worker implements a constructor for skylab_swarming_worker commands.
sshpool Package sshpool helps manage a pool of SSH clients.
sshtunnel Package sshtunnel helps create a SSH tunnels between clients.